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Welcome to the PlanSimple podcast! Listen in for inspirational interviews, informative workshops and really practical planning strategies. We love listening to podcasts on morning walks, while grocery shopping, and waiting in carpool line.


Afternoon Munchies…

… don’t we all get them? The afternoon is a time when I feel hungry and more likely to make…

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5 Ways to Enjoy Family Dinner

Do you ever have one of those nights where you have made an awesome dinner, it is ready and waiting…

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Eating Local and Saving Forward

In late spring, I always start to think about locally-grown food. Of course, it is a time in New England…

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Having fun with “kid” food!

I am not a big fan of “kid food”, mostly because as a society we have decided to feed our…

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Getting creative with rice

When I have rice on the menu, it usually has a twist to it! My go-to rice is short-grain brown…

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All in a day. Work Focused.

I have 3 kinds of days. 1. Part mom. Part work. No sitter for kids. Some school. 2. Work focused.…

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All in a day. Family focused.

I have 3 kinds of days. 1. Part mom. Part work. No sitter for kids. Some school. 2. Work focused.…

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All in a day. Part mom. Part work.

I have 3 kinds of days. 1. Part mom. Part work. No sitter for kids. Some school. 2. Work focused.…

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Uncooking101 Retreat and Stuffed Tomatoes

A wonderful 4 day "working" vacation and 3 days to get back into the swing of things at home and…

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Grapefruit and Pomegranate

Fall has not quite arrived in Boston. The air is definitely a bit crisper and the days a bit shorter,…

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What other’s have said about the Plan Simple Podcast…

“Mia brings together the ideas and people to inspire a more balanced and meaningful life as a mom. She keeps it real and makes me laugh! I listen while I clean, walk, drive and fold laundry. She’d like a wise and caring friend who understands and supports the journey of motherhood. Mia know just what to say so that I feel understood and then provides the nuggets of wisdom with personal stories to reinvigorate my day.”
“Each week, I look forward to this podcast. Mia thoughtfully interviews guests who share their tips and tricks for encouraging healthy living for moms and their families. The ideas are not the traditional ones, and I am always in need of new, slightly unconventional ideas.”
“I love the simple and practical view that Mia takes on food and life. It encourages me to keep leading a healthy lifestyle that is accessible for any mom!”

Hi! I’m Mia Moran. My wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 10 years ago when I understood the power food could have on my health, my family connection, and my productivity. That experience led me to become a student of life. I have studied mindfulness, yoga, entrepreneurship, parenting, mindset, speaking, relationships, writing, to name a few.

I experienced two unforseen gifts from this journey. First, the practice of finding ease, despite balancing what looks like a full plate of work, home and motherhood. Second, the gift of goal setting.

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