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night proud of
what you got done.

Helping female entrepreneurs balance work, wellness, family and self in midlife.

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    Balancing a successful business, being a good mom (even when they are in college), and taking care of yourself is overwhelming. And no doubt, there are ten other things you’re also juggling.

    If you keep navigating your days the way you always have…

    • You will feel behind no matter how many goals you reach
    • You’ll waste time, and money, saying yes to things you don’t have space for
    • You’ll stay overwhelmed

    Our planning approach is made for women who are balancing “all the things” and will work for you too.

    Have you ever had one of those days where you’re really busy all day long, and then lying in bed at night, you wonder what on earth you actually got done?

    It’s an exhausting loop, and we don’t want that for you.

    Our free course has taught thousands of women a new, feminine approach to deciding what happens each day.


    If you’re a woman, in this phase some call midlife, ready to get out of overwhelm…

    Whether you’re wanting to grow a business, meet a health goal, be the best mom (spouse, friend, daughter, community member, etc), declutter your house, meditate every morning — especially if you're dealing with all of it.

    If you’re an empty nester or have young kids…. This free course will help you start to feel great about how you spend your time each day.

    Imagine a day where you…

    • Take impeccable care of yourself — without feeling guilty.
    • Use food to nourish your body and goals — without feeling restricted.
    • Mother in alignment with your beliefs — even though it feels different.
    • Hit your business goals — doing less better.
    • Make joyful activities a priority — not an afterthought.

    This day is possible once you take our free course!

    Let's make it happen...


    Over the last 14 years, I’ve used the process I’m teaching you to lose 70 pounds, write a bestselling book, take my 3 kids on the road for a year, grow a flourishing business, build a marriage I'm proud of…. and so much more.

    Mia Moran, best selling author and podcaster, has helped thousands of women feel more productive and balanced by designing their days to blend feminine wisdom with masculine structure. After hitting a few big goals in a row, she made it her mission to help as many women as she can get out of overwhelm, fall in love with a new way of planning, and make their dreams their reality.

    Mia knows firsthand how hard it can be to get things done.

    She’s been labelled ADHD, dyslexic, creative, a dreamer, someone who takes on too much. She tried EVERY planner and productivity system, and abandoned all of them.

    She worked through a lot of shame around those half filled notebooks and wrinkled scraps of paper that got buried in her messy bag. But since she learned how to keep things simple, and feminine, she feels really proud at the end of most days.


    Mia created this free course to change everything you thought you knew about productivity and planning.

    Mia believes that for every 10 minutes you spend planning, you gain 3 hours in your life. (And that’s backed by some real studies). She believes that our systems — like school, work, marriage, religion, calendaring — were made by men for men at a time when women did not have a seat at the table!

    The systems we navigate were not designed to simultaneously raise a family, grow a career, and nurture ourselves. To change her life, she needed a whole new system. And she’s giving a critical part of that system to you today.

    After you take the
    free course…

    You’ll know exactly how to start and end your day, keep all areas of your life in balance, and stay out of overwhelm no matter what life brings your way.