The Gift of Today with Mia

The Gift of Today with Mia
“I can map almost every milestone in my life back to a day dream (or aha) followed by writing that dream down — either in my journal, in my calendar, or on a scrap piece of paper.” - Mia Moran

This is the third of three episodes about rethinking time. I’m exploring my own ideas about time and sharing exercises that resonate with me and my FLOW365 group as we head out of the pandemic and into the fall.

If you missed the first two episodes…

You can listen to the first episode about planning and the freedom it gives us (and the dreaming exercise I gave).

You can catch the second episode about realization time lives within us and a way to get grounded in time right now.

In this, the third episode about time, we focus in on today. We’ve identified our big 5–10 year dream. We’ve looked at the remaining five months of the year. And now we’re carrying those dreams into the current day.

I talk about: 

  • How looking closely had time helps us loosen our grip on time and finding middle ground between being a prisoner to our schedule and detaching from time
  • Getting what we really want folded into our day
  • The why behind the Today sheet, how recycling your Today sheets as a way of letting go of the day, and how to simplify this process even more
  • Starting with “What is going to move me forward today?”
  • Being conscious and aware of how you spend your time
  • Keep coming back to Today if you get off track.


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.


    FOCUS ON TODAY. For this exercise you need the Today Sheet. This sheet, from the FLOW planner is a daily practice of acknowledging both the creative lists piece of planning and how that exists in time. The left side of the sheet is full of questions and lists. The right side is anchors you in time.

    USE A POST IT. A Post-it is a great way to simplify your Today process. Write what you are grateful for, write 3 things you are committed to doing, and what’s for dinner (because food nourishes us to accomplish the things that matter—and writing it down takes way a lot of the overthinking).

    SHARE. What’s on your Today sheet? Share your intention or your three things or your gratitude on Instagram or if you’re ready to share, but not with everyone, you can message me there.

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