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Rethinking Time With Mia
“Planning is a gift from our past self to our future self so that we can receive the gift in the now — and BE in the now.” - Mia Moran

Rethinking Time with Mia

I am hearing from a lot of women that time these days feels like a weird mix of foggy and heavy.

Most of us want to feel clear and light because those are the feelings that lead to creative, growth-focused actions.

The pandemic made the days of the week kinda confusing, and I have noticed that even though the world is opening back up it’s still hard to remember it’s Monday. Foggy? Maybe. And there is something kinda nice about forgetting it’s Monday.

On the flip side, if you’ve been home with a full house for 18+ months, you might REALLY WANT things to go back to “normal” — well maybe, sorta, kinda — and “normal” may have a heavy quality to it, as does ALL the news coming at us these days!

I pressed the record button on three podcast episodes last week. This is not “perfectly” flushed out content, BUT it is where my brain is at, and I thought it might be helpful to you as we head out of the rhythm of the last 18 months and into the rhythm of fall.

In this first episode, I talk about being in the present moment. I have found that obsessing about the future and wallowing in the past can muddy the “now moment.”

My antidote to this is — surprise — a plan.

Planning creates a container for us to land in our dreams and helps us loosen our grasp on time. So in a way planning gives us freedom — even though it may seem like the opposite.

When we try to hold time too tight, we can’t move forward… and this stuckness leads to the feeling of overwhelm.

Right now many of us are holding on to time very tightly — for the good reason of feeling like we just lost a year and then some.

Right now many women are experiencing more overwhelm than ever.

Side note. There are reasons to process the past and dream of the future — in fact, that’s what this episode is about — we just don’t want to get stuck there in an effort to avoid the present.

Listen in above to hear all the nuggets and then do the exercise below (also explained on the episode).


  • CREATE A VISION. Make time and space to dream and to write down your dream. Don’t get locked into how things are supposed to be, the pandemic, the kids’ ages, your current living arrangement, or the fact you need more money. Just ask yourself, “How do I want my life to feel? What does that look like with work, home, vacations, health, energy, relationships?
  • Keep it simple and find small chunks of time to do this exercise. Schedule two to three 10 or 15 minute dream sessions. I love doing this right before bed or first thing in the morning.
  • Create the physical space to dream. Light a candle to create an intentional space, play music that brings you joy, and find a notebook or paper that feels special. You could clean off your bedside table and put a notebook, favorite pen, and some special objects by your bed. Ask the question “What am I trying to create in my life?” before you go to bed. Write before bed or first thing when you wake.
  • If you get stuck… Focus on a time 5–10 years from now, enough you get out of whatever is making you feel stuck right now. Free yourself of all limiting beliefs by casting a dream that has possibility because it is in 10 years. I am guessing this pandemic, diapers or college apps, and money will all look differently in 10 years!
  • SHARE YOUR VISION. Tell us what your vision is! Share on Instagram, or if you’re ready to share, but not with everyone, you can DM me there too or just send an email!
  • GET READY FOR STEP 2. This is the first episode of three about time. First make time to dream, then come back to find out what’s next.

You are invited into FLOW365 if bringing this dream into reality is something you would love some structure and support with.

FLOW365 is all about bringing our dreams to reality, through planning, leaning into one thing, and creating flow between different areas of our life. During our FLOW365 Retreat at the end of August, we’ll get really clear on our 90-day goals for the next season, whether you think of that as fall or this period of your life, where you are in your business, your marriage, with your kids or with your parents … We’ll work through the season and move into in with intention. 

This is the last time I anticipate running a 90-day session of FLOW and the last time I run it at this price. Are you ready to get in FLOW, ready to move your dream forward, ready for deep support and community? 

Enrollment is open August 13 – August 21.

You can learn more and sign up here »

The first 5 to sign up, and pay in full, get a BONUS half-day VIP session to build out a specific plan — business launch, healthy meals, parenting, you name it, a plan can respond to it!



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