Your Dream Life with Jen Mazer

Your Dream Life with Jen Mazer
“Commit to your decision and see it through until you have received the physical results of your intention.” - Jen Mazer

In this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I can’t wait to share my conversation about manifestation with Jen Mazer. 

Manifesting might sound like a buzzword, but Jen says that we are manifesting all the time. People come to her when they want to be intentional about what they’re creating instead of just letting things come to them. We talk about setting the stage for what you want and really being clear with what your intentions are. 

A lot of us may have an intention or a vision, but we wonder: How do I go from this current life that I have to this dream life? How can I get there? We talk about these visions, the dream life as using your imagination to tap into your desires, and imagination allowing us to tap into our intuition. 

We talk about: 

  • Moving from “I’d really love to, but” to “I’m going to” but why mantras and affirmations can be a problem 
  • How doing something that makes you feel good on a daily basis raises your vibration and moves you closer to your big dream 
  • Putting your big dream first, even if it is a small action before you get buried in your to-do list
  • The difference between fake it until you make it and embodying what you want
  • That we made a choice that got us into our current situation and we can make a choice to change it
  • Stepping out of our comfort zone
  • How manifesting is like GPS when we hit obstacles—we can still get there, but we might need another route


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    Doable Changes

    PRACTICE GRATITUDE. Notice the good in your every day, even the parts or situations you do not love. Try looking at your whole life with rose-colored glasses. Think about what you are proud of in your day. Switch the focus from I don’t want to I get to or from guilt to pride.

    ACT LIKE IT IS A DONE DEAL. Block off time for your dream vacation. Schedule the triathlon you plan to run. Commit to it. Then take a step. Find a running coach or beginner’s plan. Whatever your vision is, act like it is reality.

    COMMIT. Instead of saying, “I’ll try,” commit to your vision. State it in present terms, not maybe terms, not future, but as it is. Start simply by owning and sticking to your vision, not second-guessing it. 

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Jen Mazer is The Queen of Manifestation®. She is a sought-after transformational speaker and coach. She teaches people how to manifest their biggest dreams while making an impact on the world. She is known for her signature Manifestation Masters program and Private Success Coaching.  Jen is the author of Manifesting Made Easy, and Co-Founder of the board game, Sparked.


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