Using Your Intuition in Business and Life with Heather Maguire

Using Your Intuition in Business and Life with Heather Maguire
“You need to plan, AND you need to leave a little bit of room for magic.” - Heather Maguire

Do you trust your intuition and let it guide you? One audience that we serve really well in FLOW365 is intuitive spiritual entrepreneurs. Today I’m talking with Heather Maguire, FLOW365 member and founder of Unconventional Intuitive. She guides people in business and in relationships to be in touch with their intuition.

When utilizing the FLOW Planning method, we always start by tapping into the intuition. So I was so excited to talk with Heather, who knows the FLOW Planning Process intimately, and whose work is helping others tap into their intuitions.

She is amazing at helping her clients find meaning in their lives by finding their truth in a situation. She shares, people ask, “How do I know if this is real or if I’m just making it up?” Heather says that isn’t a helpful question. What’s more helpful is figuring out what your intuition feels like, and it’s often a nudge or a calling, a sense that something feels right. 

Heather uses her abilities to help people understand more who they are — what’s going on in their body and in their mind. And she helps people understand how their thoughts and feelings are impacting the energy and the people and the circumstances around them.

We talk about: 

  • Using intuition in business and relationships, especially mother-child
  • Having a plan but leaving room for magic, controlling what you can control
  • Experimentation and play as a powerful process
  • Setting intentions and Heart Rock Walks

Heather shares that her experience in FLOW has helped her: 

  • Blend planning and intuition by leaning into a consistent word that she chose intuitively. 
  • Calm down her relationship with time and helped her get more realistic with time
  • Recognize the possibilities in time through structure

This is part of a series where we will be highlighting the work of some FLOW365ers. I ask each one, what are three pieces of advice from your expertise that you know will serve the Plan SImple audience. Because they know the process so well and are part of the audience, their pieces of advice are so valuable!


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    Heather’s three pieces of wisdom:

    CHOOSE A WORD. Pick a word that you want to guide how your life feels. Then really connect with that word throughout the day. Use it as a guide or filter.

    REIMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES. If you are stressing about something or thinking about how things could go wrong, try imagining a different outcome. What possibilities does that open up? How does that shift your energy?

    GET REAL ABOUT WHAT’S POSSIBLE IN A DAY. When you get real about what’s possible in a day, you can get even more focused in choosing what to do to move toward your goals. Start by noticing how long things really take. Try working with the time you have instead of the things you want to do.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Heather Maguire is an intuitive and medium who offers private sessions, group events and workshops. Her readings provide clarity and uncover what’s below the surface but impacting your daily life and your ability to accomplish your goals. Her intuitive sessions are like a comforting, therapeutic conversation that leaves you feeling safe, grounded and loved.

    Having been intuitive her whole life, Heather has always been fascinated by the connections between people and the conversation beneath the conversation. She enjoys helping people uncover their own intuitive abilities and believes that at the end of the day, what matters most is honoring the truth of who you are.

    She likes to say, “You’re not broken. You’re not an accident. Who you are is who you are meant to be. You have permission to love your whole self!”


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