Stack Your Business with Dan Morris

Stack Your Business with Dan Morris
"The more that we do this, the more I realize it's just a matter of how you reach the people that want what you have." - Dan Morris

On this episode of the PlanSimple Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Dan Morris, one of the founders of BC Stack, the ultimate A-Z Resource on what’s working in today’s digital marketing, bundled together for an amazing price. I love the way BC Stack helps entrepreneurs in so many ways. If you are already running an online business or thinking about starting one, you’re going to want to hear more about this.

In addition to a thriving entrepreneurial business, Dan has 11 kids, yes, eleven. We talk about parenting and the things he learned to do for his kids. We also talk about how he’s adopted simple living and less stuff—plus selling with his kids. 

I’ve talked to Dan’s wife and co-founder of BC Stack, Rachel Martin, about motherhood previously on the podcast. Now it’s Dan’s turn. Join us as we dive into online business entrepreneurship.

We talk about: 

  • Being a single dad and rethinking division of labor
  • Not wanting to go back to a job or trying to make entrepreneurship work after last year, and how Dan got into online business as the result of a recession
  • Using a hub and spoke format online in different kinds of business and building an audience with a free offer
  • How they started BC Stack and how they avoid freebie seekers
  • The win-win-win of BC Stack for entrepreneurs
  • Tools for finding good business ideas and getting things done


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    Doable Changes

    TRY BC STACK. This one is time sensitive because it only happens once a year, but check it out. There is SO much value in there for $47 if you are starting an online business or trying to grow one you’ve already created. (Plus you get a new course we created now!) 

    KNOW YOUR TENDENCIES. Are you like Dan? Do you follow the path of least resistance? Do you put off things because you don’t know how to do them or think they’ll take a long time to do or learn. Start by noticing your tendencies. Then see if you can find a fix or workaround—could you hire somebody to do something? Take a course (maybe in BC Stack)? Just try it and maybe see it’s not that hard?

    CREATE A SYSTEM. It could be meals and shopping. It could be a “do the thing you don’t want to do” system. Set it up so you don’t have to think about it. 

    DO SOMETHING YOUR PARTNER USUALLY DOES. Really see what it is like to be in their shoes. If you have never taken out the trash, be on trash duty. If you never make dinner on Friday night then make dinner on Friday night.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    CEO of Audience Industries and BC Stack. Dan also runs the Tracing The Path Podcast, a series of stories from the 20th Century in the style of Paul Harvey and Charles Kuralt.


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