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You Cannot Plan For Everything
“You cannot plan for everything, which is why planning is so important.” - Mia Moran

You Cannot Plan For Everything

Last week my mom fell playing tennis and broke her hip.

Originally this was a week to get a lot done in my business. I have designed a planner that I am counting down the days to show you, but there are lots of little things that need to happen so that I can.

I created the space. My 13 and 11-year olds were going to Washington DC with my parents, and my little one was going to camp.

The week started when my 11-year old broke her toe. One more home for the week, but I was OK. I immediately made a plan for a “get some work done”/”go on fun outings with girls” balance.

While at the hospital getting a boot for my daughter, I got the call that my mom fell while playing tennis and an ambulance was taking her to the hospital.

In the matter of 30 minutes there were a lot of choices to be made, and I learned some really valuable lessons about motherhood, being a daughter, work, and food.

I share them on the episode.

I talk about…

  • The importance of a tribe
  • Keeping things simple
  • Eating well, even when that is hard

I also share my three big lessons for the week, aka, the things that did not go so well, including…

  • Making space on either side of crazy days
  • Drinking enough water
  • Time blocking, setting rhythm, and checking in regularly
101 doable changes
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