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Uncovering Purpose With Natalie Matushenko
Once I write a goal down and it’s on my to-do list and it’s in my planner, I get it done. That's how I create a passionate and purposeful life. - Natalie Matushenko

Uncovering Purpose with Natalie Matushenko

On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Natalie Matushenko. Natalie and I have known each other for years and it’s great to have her here today. She’s a coach, soulful mentor, and teacher. She’s also the mama to three girls, ages 7, 12 and 15.

Natalie grew up in the Ukraine until age 8, when her family emigrated to the United States. She grew up with the idea of getting good grades to get into a good college to get a “good” job. She talks about how she left the high paying, high powered job to do what she loves—and how she helps other people do what they love.

That experience of going against the norm and people’s expectations helped her to move her family to Colombia after she realized that living in another country was a deep seated dream. We dive into following dreams, dealing with details and getting past fear.

We talk about:

  • living with purpose and passion being an attitude not a goal
  • the power of passion to drive a project, even a really hard one
  • pairing meditation and visioning with breaking things down into lists and schedules
  • using meditation to be more productive
  • having a plan but keeping it flexible to meet changes in your week or life
  • finding your passion and making changes little by little toward it


Natalie Matushenko helps soulful, ambitious and multi passionate women (and a few good men) uncover their purpose and start passion-driven businesses. She’s also the mama to three girls.


Doable Changes from this episode:

  • WRITE IT DOWN. We have a lot to remember—appointments, goals, new ideas—writing it down helps. For one week, try writing down everything you have to do and keep track of. Try writing down your ideas that you don’t want to forget. Carry a small planner or notebook with you to keep these things together.
  • DO SOMETHING FOR YOU FIRST. Self-care is so important, but it is easy for it to get lost in the busy shuffle of the day. Start your day with something for you, whether it is a walk or meditation or something else that makes you feel good.
  • SAY NO. To make room for the things we really value and want in our lives, we have to cut out things that aren’t necessary. You get to decide what you make space for in your life, even though you will likely feel pressure from others. Try saying no to an invitation, an activity, volunteering, event at work that you don’t really want to do. See what you can make space for—or just see what it feels like to clear those things you don’t really want to do.

Overwhelm Masterclass
Go from Overwhelm to Ease. Make one simple change and transform overwhelm into something far more productive and valuable.

REALLY getting healthy as a family can be a big lifestyle change. But no matter how insurmountable it may feel, focusing on one doable change at a time can help you take small steps toward your big goal.

A healthy lifestyle is really made of lots of little things that when repeated regularly and added together over time make a huge impact on your life.

Choose one Doable Change every Sunday night — one thing that you are willing to play with for the week. The key is to keep it doable and fun! Write that thing on a sticky note or your phone so you remember it. Then put 3 things on your calendar that support it.

Choose from the changes above or download a list of 101 Doable Changes we made for you.

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