Summer Content Plan with Christine McShane

Summer Content Plan with Christine McShane
“You have to market twice as much as you think you do, which is why simplifying really is important.” - Christine McShane

Tired of feeling frenzied and behind on marketing and sales? Copywriter and content marketing strategist Christine McShane is going to help us make a summer content plan so we can stay calm and sane all while connecting with and selling to our people.

You don’t have to be an annoying telemarketer. You don’t have to send spammy emails. You do have to market your business. That starts with getting back to basics and getting really clear on who you serve, what they need, and how you help.

You don’t have to do it all. You shouldn’t do it all — that’s a route to burn out. Christine suggests choosing three channels and explains how to choose based on your business model.

We talk about:

  • What gets in our way when it comes to marketing and how to shift our mindset
  • Decision fatigue and how to make good decisions less often
  • Understanding the seasons of your business and of your client businesses and how to scale back in the summer
  • Repurposing popular content
  • Noticing what you open and like to read, thinking about what people want when you show up in their inbox
  • Ways to actually get it done.


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    At the end of every episode, we share three doable changes, so you can take what you’ve heard and put it into action. Action is how change happens.

    Often we feel like our actions have to be huge to match the bigness of our desires, but we have seen over and over and over again that the little things add up. By stacking up a series of Doable Changes, you will create that big change that you crave. Choose the one that really resonates with you this week and really make it part of your life.

    Here are Three Doable Changes from this conversation:

    • GET BACK TO BASICS. Ask yourself and get really clear on: What am I trying to accomplish in my business? Who am I trying to serve? Why am I different? How do I get in front of those people that I want to serve and show them how I’m different and show them how I can make their lives better, whether it’s solving a pain point in their lives or bringing them some joy or helping them achieve a dream or a combination of the three.
    • CHOOSE YOUR CHANNELS. Where will you show up? Choose three channels: email, podcast, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, FB group or other networking space … You don’t have to be everywhere. Choose places you like to be. Choose places where your ideal clients or customers spend time.
    • NOTICE WHAT YOU CONSUME. Which emails do you always open? What podcast do you never miss? Whose content do you love? While you will have your own topics, your own voice, and your own rhythm, you can learn from what engages you. It’s also a good reminder to help you get out of the mindset that people will get tired of hearing from you or that marketing is always spammy.
    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Christine McShane is a copywriter and content marketing strategist that believes just like great cooking, you’ll get the best results with simple and high quality ingredients.  If you’re a mission driven personal brand, marketing can feel exhausting or confusing. But the best part is that you’ll get the best results if you show up as yourself.

    Christine creates content strategies for service based professionals and even writes the content for them. She also writes their website copy and sales funnel copy to have genuine and effective conversations with dream clients.


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