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Rock Solid Synergy with Stacey Martino

About Stacey:

Sought after Relationship Expert Stacey Martino knows that Better Relationships equal a Better Life™! Stepping out of the old relationship paradigm of couple’s coaching, Stacey and her husband Paul empower individuals with the tools & strategies to transform, not only, their love relationship but ANY relationship…and you don’t need your partner to participate for this to work for you!

What we chat about on the episode:

  • When an issue is a symptom of a different cause
  • Rock solid alignment
  • Most of us were never taught about relationships (or parenting for that matter)
  • Finding the thing that bugs him and shifting your reaction to that momen
  • Solidness of mom and dad’s relationship is the number one way your kids feel secure
  • Start doing the work
  • What you resist persists
  • Figure out a way to support your spouse in front of kids, even when you don’t agree
  • The amazing lead by passion tool
  • What it means when you get married
  • Date night is not optional


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