Squirrels and Flow

Squirrels and Flow
“We can’t fight what nature serves up, and thrive. As a mom and entrepreneur there are natural seasons and rhythms too.” - Mia Moran

I talk a lot about rhythm because at one point I was held captive by a schedule that did not leave me feeling very well.

The seasons serve up a framework — the food that is available, the light, the vibe.

We can’t fight what nature serves up, and thrive.

As a mom and entrepreneur there are other seasons and rhythms all around us.

Life is constantly changing.

School year vs. summer.

The kids ages and phases.

The moon cycles.

Our menstrual cycles.

The hustle vs. the rest and receive


The weather.

It is intense, and if we don’t pay attention, if we fight what our body needs, we get sick and tired.

Yesterday, I had to catch myself.

I was pushing really hard. I have been for a few weeks.

When a mom pushes too hard, the whole family feels it.

There were signs, but I ignored them. I was all work and no play.

My kids were aggravated. My husband was annoyed.

We were not eating well.

Life is busy. It’s fall.

I have a little girl who is braving her way at a new middle school. I have two others returning to their old school but after a year on the road with me. We are all finding our way through the bustle of fall, after a really unstructured summer.

I am launching a planner (a paper one) that will help both of us find balance, more often. (It was meant to be available for ordering last night.)

A week ago, I pulled out a copy of the FLOW planner and plugged back into a system that I know works.

When I felt like I had tuned back into my bigger vision around food, life, work and selfcare, the busyness had more purpose, and it was not all about work!

I ate better.

I was present for my kids and husband.

I slept well.

There was space.

When there is space, I find it much easier to make good choices.

Yesterday at 2pm I got word we could not go live with the planner.

At 3pm, 2 baby squirrels fell down the chimney.

I cried. I breathed. I laughed. I danced with my kids. We cleaned the house. We cooked some stew.

Then at 7pm, I threw the “prelaunch” party, which just 5 hours earlier was the launch party.

Life throws us all sorts of curve balls. It always will.

But when we fill our days with things that matter, we can roll with it.

Today, I opened my planner.

I know what to do for work.

I know what is for dinner.

I have chosen the 3 most important tasks to get done.

I have taken time to be grateful.

I am tracking my water and my veggies.

I am tuning in with my kids.

And I have the space to deal with a family of squirrels living in my fireplace.


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    In the meantime, I have an activity for you if you are feeling like fall is a bit too busy.

    Take out 4 pieces of paper (or 2 back and front).

    Label each one with each of the following words, one per page — Food, Life, Om, Work.

    Then get EVERYTHING that you are holding in your head onto those pieces of paper using the 4 categories as structure.

    Food might have grocery shop, order beans online, streamline dinner, buy a lunchbox, ask Mia where she buys nuts, and so on.

    Life might have look for fabric for pillows, get kids activities in calendar, find gymnastics class, find sitter for date night…

    It probably needs some explaining. This is where downtime and self care fits in. This is where we simplify. It may have sign up for yoga, block out family reading time, get firewood, rethink evening routine, walk each morning, clean out hall closet, read Simplicity Parenting….

    Work, well you know what goes there! (If you homeschool you could use it for that. If you stay at home, use it for hobbies and volunteering.)


    From Overwhelm to Ease


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