Oracle Cards with Mia Moran

Oracle Cards with Mia Moran
“Oracle cards are always on point in the most magical way —even when you don’t see it at first.” - Mia Moran

Let’s talk about oracle cards! Whether you’re a seasoned oracle card puller, or just dipping your toes into the mystical waters, oracle cards offer a simple yet profound way to connect with your intuition and the wisdom of the universe. They are one of my favorite tools!

Oracle cards bring intuition, joy, and fun to the planning process — so much so there are prompts for oracle cards throughout the FLOW planner. The funny thing is Oracle cards are always on point in the most magical way —even when you don’t see it at first. 

What Are Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are decks of cards featuring images, symbols, and messages designed to provide guidance and inspiration. Unlike tarot cards, which follow a structured system, you have more flexibility and freedom in interpreting oracle cards. Each deck is unique, and there is a deck (or many) for everyone. 

Why Use Oracle Cards?

Oracle cards are not about predicting the future or receiving definitive answers; they’re a tool for tapping into your own inner wisdom. Oracle cards invite us to embrace the magic and mystery of life.

They can help us: 

Gain Clarity: Oracle cards can provide perspective on various aspects of your life, helping you see situations from a new angle.

Connect with Intuition: Through the process of using oracle cards, you strengthen your intuition and learn to trust your inner guidance.

Receive Validation: The messages you receive from oracle cards often validate your feelings, experiences, or decisions, reassuring you that you’re on the right path.

Find Inspiration: Oracle cards are a wellspring of inspiration, offering fresh insights and ideas to fuel your personal growth journey.

You need to trust that the right card always shows up for you. 


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    How to Use Oracle Cards

    Set Your Intention: Are you asking for a theme for your week? Are you pulling 4 cards? If yes, which spread are you choosing? Clear your mind and focus your energy on your intention.

    Shuffle the Cards: Shuffle the deck while concentrating on your question or intention. Some people like to shuffle while silently repeating their question or focusing on their breath. Trust that the right cards will come forth at the right time.

    Draw Your Card or Cards: When you feel ready, draw one or multiple cards from the deck. Trust your intuition when selecting the cards. Each Friday in FLOW365, I pull 4 cards. I post them, and many women print them and paste them into their planner. You can take a photo and do the same. We have one FLOW365er who draws them in her planner.

    Interpret the Messages: Take a moment to study the images and messages on the cards you’ve drawn. Notice any intuitive nudges or gut feelings that arise as you look at each card. The meanings may not always be obvious, but trust that the universe is communicating with you in a way that resonates with your inner wisdom. Many decks come with a guidebook. After you’ve examined the card itself, read about the card in the guidebook to see what other insights arise.

    Reflect and Act: Reflect on the messages you’ve received and how they relate to your situation. Some cards like the weekly or daily one, I reflect in my planner. Sometimes I pivot my focus, or see a new way to navigate obstacles.

    Creating a Seasonal Spread

    There is a place in the FLOW planner to plan the season at a glance. One way I like to use this page is to draw a card for each week and record it on the season-at-a-glance page.

    Then I go back each week and examine and interpret each week’s card. Even if you don’t know what the card means when you draw it, you will have new insight when you get to that week.

    On the show, I actually draw some cards and show more ways we use them in FLOW365.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


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