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Spinning Plates With Megan Flatt

Spinning Plates with Megan Flatt

About Megan:

Megan Flatt is a business growth strategist, but what she really does is empower Mama CEOs to create a fulfilling life and set a stellar example for their children. As a mom and a business owner, she wants to feel successful in BOTH roles. She wants to be actively present for her kids, and build a business she’s passionate about. She wants career, but not in the traditional way. She wants to define success on her own terms.

What we chat about in the episode:

  • The difference between “juggling” and “plate spinning” which will make every mom wants to learn about plates!
  • Little things you can do to fit things like exercise and shopping into your week.
  • Megan shares the idea of a weekly workflow and making realistic lists of what you can actually get done.
  • She goes into summer and how you can have a good one where you stay in line with your family values.


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