Make Your Vision Happen with Ashley Ludlow

Make Your Vision Happen with Ashley Ludlow
“A lot of people who have really big dreams and visions and incredible messages for the world shoot themselves down, because they don't think it's possible.” - Ashley Luldlow

What are you doing in 2023? Not sure yet? That’s okay. Take some time to dream big and get excited about your vision. I’m talking with Ashley Ludlow, a multi-passionate entrepreneur and mama, who runs a digital media agency and is also a songwriter, about her unique vision process — vision board videos.

Do you ever have an idea that you’re so excited about for a minute? But then the overwhelm and the doubt and the “why didn’t I do this earlier?” kicks in. That dread or disappointment or frustration can stop us in our tracks. That’s why having a tool that reconnects us to the excitement helps.

Ashley suggests that you start your vision board video process by taking time to dream or vision. Let it be big and real about what you want in your life, where you want to be, who you want to be with. Don’t put any limits on it, but get really clear on what you want, not what other people want or expect of you.

We talk about: 

  • The myth that something has to give and how we can have all the things we really want in our lives
  • Learning to imagine what’s possible and dreaming big, exploring the dreams of all the parts of you—your spiritual self, physical self, relationships, finance … asking what would happen if you got rid of the boundaries—family expectations, financial stressors
  • Using present tense and positive vision statements and not getting hung up on the visual or techy parts of creating a vision board video
  • How to actually use a vision board video once you’ve made it
  • Nature and creative play as ways back when you’ve forgotten how to dream


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    Doable Changes

    PLAY OR GET OUTSIDE. Have you forgotten how to dream? Sometimes we are so overwhelmed or burnt out that we just can’t seem to dream big. Or maybe we’ve set up so many boundaries that we don’t know how to see beyond them. Try getting outside or doing creative play—jumping on a trampoline or squishing so play dough around to open yourself up.

    DREAM BIG. You need time for this. Time when you are uninterrupted. Time when you are not trying to do something. It feels counter-intuitive, but taking this time helps you do more. Get really clear on what you want, not what others want or expect from you. Don’t edit or judge your dreams — and don’t put up barriers or try to figure out the how.

    THINK POSITIVE AND IN THE PRESENT TENSE. There are two parts to this one. Write about your dream as if it has already happened instead of in the future tense. I am a published  author instead of I will publish my book. And keep it positive. Focus on what you want instead of what you think you need to stop or avoid. I eat lots of delicious veggies that make me feel fabulous instead of I stop eating so many cookies.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Ashley Ludlow is a Creative Business Strategist and Technology Consultant. In addition to running her own agency, Ashley is a Musical Keynote Speaker, encouraging creative entrepreneurs to see the great value in life and the fantastic role they play in it. She truly believes that anything is possible. Having 12 years of experience in business, design, and technology, Ashley now enjoys supporting heart-centered business owners get their digital ducks in a row and authentically represent the essence of who they are in the digital world. When she’s not behind her computer or on stage, you can find her visiting Disney Parks, spending time with family, or both. Ashley has been married for 16 years and has 5 beautiful children.


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