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Make December Matter
“The great secret about goals and visions is not the future they describe but the change in the present they engender.” - David Allen

Make December Matter

This is a 7 episode series that takes the critical pieces from our Make December Matter Planning Day.

If you go through these episodes, in order, you should have what you need to decide how you want to feel about this season, to make a plan that reflects that, and to live your plan.

We are also keeping the conversation going over in our new community space, so head on over to meet other women making changes to how they do December, to watch our daily Small Moves that Matter series, and to play some fun games and win prizes.

Sign up for the community, and get the PLAYBOOK that I refer to in the episodes, at

Make December Matter 2023

Also note that enrollment is open for FLOW365. This is the most supportive way to spend a year continuously getting clearer and clearer  on what you really want, planning for that, and practicing following through…. With lots of gentle nudges and loving support.

We were not meant to do all this alone. It can be really useful to have a team to support you as you prioratize what’s important each week, and see you as you grow, evolve, and become thhe next version of you.

You can learn more about FLOW365 here:

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