Leap into the Unknown with Kerry Connelly

Leap into the Unknown with Kerry Connelly
“The first realization you have to have is nobody is going to make time for you in your schedule to work on your passions.” - Kerry Connelly

The first realization you have to have is nobody is going to make time for you in your schedule to work on your passions.   – Kerry Connelly

On this episode of the Plan Simple Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Kerry Connelly who calls herself “writer, speaker, coach, Jesus freak (of the progressive sort).” She’s hard to put into a box, but she is somebody who gets the idea of FLOW. You’re going to love hearing what she has to share about all areas of FLOW, but especially the Om, or spirituality part.

Kerry is passionate about helping women take those leaps into the unknown—or said better reconnecting with the voice inside that is our gift to the world. She helps women identify their gift, what they do that is going to help other people.

We talk about her book Pause and how we—all of us, busy moms, hard-working entrepreneurs, those still in corporate—can pause to make time for the things that really matter to us.

We talk about:

  • Time, and how even if it doesn’t feel like it, it is the only resource that is completely and 100% in your control.
  • Learning to budget your time the way you budget your money
  • Working in 90-day sprints
  • Choosing the 3 most important things and putting those into our planner first
  • How allow ourselves to dream and then take action, even if we aren’t exactly sure what our goal or dream is gives us more clarity that helps us keep moving
  • Simple things anybody can do to set yourself up for a win


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    Doable Changes

    CHOOSE YOUR PRIORITIES. The first step to making time for your priorities is knowing what they are. While it can feel like everything is important, choose 3 priorities to focus on and put first for the next 90 days. Try to choose 2 that are related to wellness or a passion project, something other than work/business.

    SCHEDULE YOUR PRIORITIES FIRST. If eating healthy is a priority, mark off time to make a salad for lunch. Literally put it in your planner before anything else. You might need to schedule time for grocery shopping or to go to the farmers market. If being active is a priority, put your morning walk and your exercise class on your schedule before you start making other appointments.

    SET YOURSELF UP FOR A WIN. What little thing can you do to set yourself up for a win? Do you need to have a notebook and pen with you at all times to jot down brilliant ideas? Do you need phone numbers for sales calls in case you are stuck someplace? Is it something as simple as putting your keys in the right place or putting your exercise clothes out so you are ready for class in the morning.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Kerry Connelly is an emerging voice in the world of progressive Christianity, a sought-after speaker and coach, and an author. Kerry has over twenty-five years of business experience in corporate, non-profit, and direct sales arenas, and she brings that experience to her coaching clients, her writing, and her speaking.


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