Lead by Example with Christie Kennedy Manuel

Lead by Example with Christie Kennedy Manuel
"Embrace the journey, respect the process, and trust the progress." - Dai Manuel

On This Episode

Mia and Christie Manuel dive into what it means to get results with fitness and grabbing “me” time as a busy mom. She talks about how powerful it is to come home and “be fit” even when your kids don’t see it happening. They talk about the gym vs. the bootcamp model, and Christie shares how the bootcamp model was just the amount of accountability she needed when her kids were young. “No guilt, no blame , no shame, just figure out what’s going to work for you and make it happen,” says Christie. Christie has some great tips for how to get kids involved in fitness. They dive into why it is so important for moms to take time, and how you can make time for yourself and your body.


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    Doable Changes

    Set Realistic Goals. Instead of aiming for drastic changes overnight, focus on setting small, achievable fitness goals that you can work towards gradually. Whether it’s increasing the number of push-ups you can do, running for an extra minute without stopping, or adding an extra day of exercise to your weekly routine, setting realistic goals helps you stay motivated and build momentum over time.

    Accountability Partner. Find an accountability partner who shares similar fitness goals and commit to supporting each other on your journey. This could be a friend, family member, or colleague who you check in with regularly to share progress, celebrate successes, and provide encouragement during challenging times. Having someone to hold you accountable can help you stay motivated, stay on track, and make your fitness goals feel more achievable.

    Find Activities You Enjoy. Experiment with different types of physical activities until you find ones that you genuinely enjoy. Whether it’s dancing, hiking, cycling, swimming, or playing a team sport, choosing activities that bring you joy makes it easier to stay consistent and motivated. Remember that fitness doesn’t have to be limited to traditional gym workouts – the key is finding activities that make you feel good and keep you moving.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


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