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Sparkle Shamelessly With Lainie Love Dalby

Sparkle Shamelessly with Lainie Love Dalby

About Lainie:

Lainie Love Dalby is a visionary artist, multi-passionate entrepreneur, Interfaith Minister and transformational catalyst with her own brand of multimedia ministry that ignites you to achieve your inherent evolutionary potential. Recently pegged as a “Global Midwife for the 21st Century,’ she will activate you to amp up your aliveness so you can claim your deep gifts and create your life as a great Masterpiece for the good of all. As global ritualist, Barbara Biziou has said, “Like a great sculpture, Lainie Love can see what lives inside of you and frees it to truly live fully.” Lainie Love is also an accomplished marketing & branding professional possessing dynamic leadership abilities that skillfully combines over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience to help individuals and organizations lead more heart-centered, morally courageous and radically authentic businesses and lives. A longtime champion of diversity, marginalized communities, and challenging the status quo, she’s helping her unique tribe leave normal in the dust so they can SPARKLE shamelessly and shake the world!

What we chat about in the episode:

  • Her complicated journey with food and explores how she eventually seeks out good information and heals her body.
  • Lainie talks about our bodies as a vessel and how we have to take care in order to truly shine.
  • Her journey to find the right doctors that got her the clues she needed to get healthy.
  • Listening deeply to your body, accepting your body each day, and specific tools and protocols.
  • How we can pass better messages onto future generations — specifically our daughters.


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