Holidays with Mia

Holidays with Mia
“Including yourself and creating a rhythm based on how your soul really wants the holiday time to be will create more joy.” - Mia Moran

On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, let’s talk about the holidays. I haven’t always loved the time between Halloween and New Years, but that’s changed.

It’s supposed to be such a wonderful time, but for most moms I know the holidays are overwhelming. We do too much. We eat foods that don’t work for us. Kids get sick. Schedules are off. And we feel compelled to do so much. Six years ago, I asked myself, “Whose traditions are these anyway?” I totally revamped our holidays—and I really love this season now.


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    Today I want to share five really simple tweaks or tips that can really help during this time of year to just make everything feel more manageable:

    • Write down what’s for dinner every morning
    • Know what you want your holidays to be like—and why that’s important to you
    • Have a sugar plan
    • Create a rhythm for the time kids are out of school
    • Schedule your mama moments (yes, you need time for you!)
    From Overwhelm to Ease


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