Healthcare for Women 40+ with Ana Stauch

Healthcare for Women 40+ with Ana Stauch
“We can't go through menopause correctly if we have too much stress. This is a natural process, but a lot of our current societal stuff interferes with this natural process.” - Ana Stauch

What does it really mean to get healthy? I’m not talking about scheduling your mammogram and colonoscopy (though that too). What can you really DO and who can help us through that? I’m so excited to talk with Ana Stauch, a nurse practitioner who helps women navigate perimenopause and midlife health.

Ana talks about four pillars we need to tend to for health: nutrition, sleep, movement, and connection. Some of those look different as we age. We need more protein. We need to prioritize sleep. We need movement that helps build muscle.

We don’t need to overcomplicate it. There is a lot in our lives that may seem to make it hard, but you can give yourself permission to prioritize the things you need to do for your health.

We talk about:

  • The deep toll stress takes and why we need to get serious about it
  • Finding a healthcare provider you like and trust (and a tip for finding one)
  • Experiencing a similar symptoms to puberty — but not being able to just slam the door and retreat to our room
  • Transitions and stepping into our purpose at this stage of life
  • The four pillars of health — one is connection
  • What labs can tell you if you dig deeper than the norm


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.


    At the end of every episode, we share three doable changes, so you can take what you’ve heard and put it into action. Change comes from action.

    We tend to overcomplicate things. Doable changes are small actions that you can add into your life, one at a time to make micro shifts and really create a ripple effect that will create a big change over time. Keep it simple. Keep building.

    Here are three Doable Changes from this conversation:

    • KEEP IT SIMPLE. Get quiet for a minute and your gut and your intuition know exactly what you need to work on first. You know that maybe six cups of coffee or drinking two liters of soda isn’t a great idea. You know if  don’t do any movement most of the day. You know if you go to bed too late every night. Write down whatever comes up. You know what you should work on. Then keep it simple. Park further away from the door. Cut your coffee in half. Once you’ve made an adjustment you can take stock again and make another shift.
    • FIND A PROVIDER YOU TRUST. This is huge, and it can be hard. You can ask friends for recommendations. You could ask a compounding pharmacy for provider recommendations if you want providers who might think outside the box a little more. You can look for people who specialize in perimenopause/menopause. If you don’t feel heard or are told “it’s just age,” keep looking. This one may take a while, but it will pay off when you find one.
    • PRIORITIZE SLEEP. Of the four pillars, this is a particularly important place to start. Unwind a little before, but don’t use devices with bluelight right before bed. Set yourself up in a cool, dark room. Go to bed with enough time to sleep for seven to nine hours. If getting to bed on time is the issue, what gets in the way? Do you need to eat later? Leave a chore for the morning? Turn off your phone sooner? Your doable change might involve changing your environment or routines.
    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Ana Stauch is a nurse practitioner from Jacksonville, Fl. She has helped thousands of women navigate hormonal changes and improve their health over the past 24 years.

    She opened her primary care practice — A New Way Healthcare — in 2018 and more recently developed a program called New You which guides women through midlife addressing hormones, holistic health and self development. She is also the medical advisor for Radiate Wellness Products. Ana is Level-1 certified in Functional Medicine and a member of the National Association of Menopause Society.

    She lives in Atlantic Beach, Fl with her husband and three sons, two of which are away at college. She enjoys practicing yoga regularly, walking on the beach, reading, traveling and is currently in her own perimenopause journey!


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