Get Your Life Back with Fabienne Fredrickson

Get Your Life Back with Fabienne Fredrickson
“I’m here to normalize the fact that women can have a really successful business, make very good money, make an impact, AND have a very high quality of life — unapologetically.” - Fabienne Fredrickson

What if you could have it all? What if you had a life filled with all the “things” you love? Fabienne Fredrickson is truly happy with her life, her work, herself. She’s created multiple seven figure businesses, written multiple books, takes 14–16 weeks of unplugged vacation each year, doesn’t work evenings or weekends, has a happy marriage, and lovingly mothers three kids. You’re probably saying that’s nice, but “I can’t.” Sometimes we need to start with the possibilities.

We need to nourish ourselves with pleasure, fulfillment, getting our curiosities and needs met. We need to feel worthy enough to live the life we want and worthy enough to say no, without feeling bad and worthy enough to put our own needs before the needs of everybody else as a form of self care, not selfishness.

We usually know what gives us pleasure. Why do we stop ourselves from having that? We talk about guilt and being taught to put everyone else first. But when we take care of ourselves first, when we deem ourselves worthy of having what we want, we are more loving and less resentful and bitter. And we can all learn to do this.

We talk about: 

  • How to feel your own worthiness and how when parts of your life that don’t work showing where you aren’t paying attention or taking personal responsibility
  • Living from the inside, not from outside responses
  • Knowing what you like—and what you don’t like (yes, this can be shuttling your kids to sports)
  • The courage to be criticized
  • How making money, and lot of it, gives women a voice and a choice
  • Setting up our day to leverage both our feminine and masculine energy


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    Doable Changes

    CLAIM ONE THING YOU WANT. What is one thing you want to do today? Do that one thing … even if it isn’t what others want. It could be planning a meal based only on what you feel like eating, staying home from your kids soccer game, choosing the playlist for the car, reading instead of watching a movie with your family. Claim what you want.

    MAKE A LIST OF THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE. If you don’t know what you want and like, you surely know what you don’t like. Make a list. Include things you don’t like, even if you think you are supposed to like them. Fabienne talks about not liking driving her kids to all their sporting events—so she didn’t. You don’t have to figure out solutions yet, just make a list and get really clear on the things in your life that you don’t actually like.

    PLAN YOUR DAY. Is your day all push? What if you planned your day with a rhythm like Fabienne’s: start with your feminine energy, shift to some masculine push tasks, shift back to feminine for lunch. Flow back and forth, making room for both each day. Write down what that looks like. Try it.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Fabienne Fredrickson is a beloved mentor to thousands of women in business. As founder of The Leveraged Business program, Fabienne has reverse-engineered how she scaled her business to several million annually, while remaining powerfully feminine.

    Her book, The Leveraged Business: How You Can Go From Overwhelmed at 6-Figures to 7-Figures (and Get Your Life Back) is the definitive roadmap showing women how to increase their income and impact with heart. Find her at


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