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Food Is A Core Value With Parrish Wilson

Food is a Core Value with Parrish Wilson

Parrish shares how she started to look into a holistic lifestyle in her 20s when she needed to improve her mood. She shares how healthy choices became a really important family value when she had kids. She talks about how her standard operating procedure is all food is home cooked, and then goes onto elaborate how she is passing that onto her kids and what that looks like in a day.

Mia and Parrish talk about how they are each teaching their kids to bake — and the power of that skill. They dive into scheduling, and how to really stick to a schedule that allows us the time we need to cook. Parrish shares a really great strategy for unplugging from social media and how it has gained her some extra time.

Parrish Wilson is a Writing Coach for female entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on the world and change the lives of their clients through the written word. She can be found at

And don’t forget to join a growing group of mamas trying to make great choices in their families at

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