Feel Better in Your Body with Katie Bramlett

Feel Better in Your Body with Katie Bramlett
“We're so afraid to trust the magic that can happen when we set an intention of connecting with ourselves.” - Katie Bramlett

What does kindness have to do with weight loss? What happens when we back off the number on the scale and start with questions like: What do you hope to get from weight loss? Is it something that you could get now without weight loss? What have you tried in the past? Are you just trying the same thing in a different package and expecting a different result?

With so many people with weight loss and exercise goals right now,  I’m so excited to share this conversation with Katie Bramlett, the co-founder of WeShape, a home work out company that focuses on mind-body connection, mindful movement, and mental shifts.

One of the main goals Katie has for clients is to turn up the internal voice — not the one that shames you, your real internal voice that tells you what you need. At the same time, turn down the dial on the external voice, what the world tells you that you need.

We talk about: 

  • How to find motivation for exercise if the scale isn’t your reason and continuing to unravel body shame and hatred
  • Starting from the questions: how do you feel? What does your body need today? 
  • Getting out of the “I don’t have time” mindset (even when your calendar is packed)
  • The magic of setting intentions related to self-kindness
  • What happens when you have health reasons to be thinking about weight loss 
  • Focusing on a physical goal, not a specific weight


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    At the end of every episode, we share three doable changes, so you can take what you’ve heard and put it into action. Change comes from action. Doable changes are things that you can add into your life, one at a time to make micro shifts and really create a ripple effect that will create a big change over time. Choose one that really piques your interest and roll with it. 


    START WITH WHAT YOUR BODY WANTS. Instead of putting “workout” or “yoga” or “hike” on you daily schedule, start the day asking what your body wants. Do you need to be outside? Do you need something gentle? Do you have a lot of energy? Choose your movement from that point.

    MAKE MINI MOVEMENT HAPPEN. How often do you think, “I don’t have an hour to work out?” Try asking where can I fit in 5 minutes of movement? Could I do that more than once today? You can pair this with starting what your body wants.

    SET AN INTENTION OF SELF-KINDNESS. Choose to be kind to yourself today. You could start by notice when you are self-shaming or when your inner voice is unkind. If you really listen, you may realize that voice is not your own, but somebody else’s. Practice speaking kindly to yourself.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Katie Bramlett is the CEO and Co-Founder of WeShape. With a background in Psychology and excellent skills with Infrastructure and Operations, Katie concentrates on the goal that you should strive to feel better in your body, not focusing on how to change your body. With over 20 years of experience, Katie is passionate about social change and is leading WeShape’s brand mission of bringing awareness to the toxic weight loss culture. Her entire company and product is rooted in intention, movement, community, and beliefs. She aims to help people bring self love and emotional intelligence to fitness and to create self awareness through meaningful conversations. Katie and her team deliver customized training and nutrition plans and provide each member with personalized workouts.


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