Embody It Until You Believe It with Nicole Crone

Embody It Until You Believe It with Nicole Crone
“Meditation, journaling, time and nature — if anybody was to pick one of those three with the intention being an observer of your thoughts, your life will shift and it will shift fast.” - Nicole Crone

Our thoughts are power! I’m excited to talk with Nicole Crone cultivating and manifesting your best life through the power of your thoughts and feelings. We define words that get thrown around like mindfulness and manifesting and look at how they work.

Nicole defines mindfulness not as shutting off the mind, but mastering the awareness of the repetitive thoughts that are happening in the mind. That’s the idea that guides her and our conversation. Manifesting is a thought and a feeling together … and we’re doing it even if we aren’t trying or believing.

Nicole’s top tools for mindfulness are meditation, journaling, time and nature. Nicole says that if you pick one of those things with the intention of being an observer of your thoughts, your life will shift and it will shift fast!

We talk about: 

  • Making the time — it doesn’t have to be morning — and that may shift as life shifts, but make the time
  • How we’ve both personalized Morning Pages
  • Manifesting as thought and feeling together and you manifest both the things you want and some hard things you learn from
  • If you don’t know what you want, try asking what you don’t want or consider whether you want to be doing, creating or talking
  • The Reticular Activating System—and finding proof of what we want in our lives
  • Thinking about what you want in all the different parts of your life


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    Doable Changes

    MEDITATE. You can use an app to help you. You can simply sit and notice your breath and where your mind flows. Remember it is a practice. It might feel different on different days and different times of your life. Try going in with an open mind instead of thinking “I can’t meditate.”

    JOURNAL. Try writing three pages each morning. It could be first thing when you get up or when you get to your desk. Don’t edit your thoughts. Just put them down on paper. You can choose to start with some structure: what happened yesterday, what I’m looking forward to today. You could choose to do a brain dump and then see what thoughts stand out or where you could shift your mindset.

    GET INTO NATURE. Get off the road. Turn off your phone. Don’t turn on music. Just walk and pay attention. See what you notice. Tune into your thoughts and what is showing up around you.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Nicole Crone is a professional Co-Active Leadership trained coach and NLP practitioner. Alongside Kaila Pilecki, Nicole co-founded My Aligned Purpose in June 2020, to support women entrepreneurs. Nicole is an international best selling author and podcast host. 

    The spiritual teachings Nicole provides come from her Registered Yoga/Mindfulness training in Hatha, Yin and Vinyas as well as sitting in ceremony with Peruvian Shaman medicine women. As a former high school teacher, connector and visionary, Nicole has coached over 200 people to become best selling authors on Amazon, and has coached 1000’s of women inside of our My Aligned Purpose programs. Her mission is to support women in elevating their mindset and proving to themselves that anything is possible.

    Nicole loves time outdoors with her husband and two dogs, living in the pacific northwest on Vancouver Island. She is a human design generator, an Aries through and through, a big lover of coffee, dogs, travel and considers herself a learner for life.


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