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Doable Change: Create A Smoothie Lifestyle
Remember that every single green drink you create is an investment in your quality of life — now and always. - Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Juice

Doable Change: Create a Smoothie Lifestyle

It is no secret that I LOVE smoothies!

Here is the deal. I do not love to cook by nature. I have figured out how to find joy in the kitchen because I love to feel good, and I discovered that what I eat can make me feel great or pretty bad. The think about smoothies is they are a fast and yummy way to get my fruits and veggies, super foods, and hydration.

I use smoothies to start the day off well, during the 3pm slump instead of coffee or a cookie, and before going out.

Because the food is blended, I feel it differently, and it is so much easier to digest!

Smoothies are a great tool for a family trying to live a healthy and vibrant life. I want to make sure you have the resources you need to make this change in your life.

In order to make this a lifestyle change, my suggestion is just to focus on this one thing for a week. Commit to a smoothie lifestyle, plan for it, prep for it, and have fun fitting smoothies into you days in different ways.

At the end of a week, you will have some new smoothie practices, and hopefully feel great!

Here are some things you might consider:

  •  Look up some great recipes. There are recipes in the FREE SMOOTHIE PLANNING PACKET, and our friends at Simple Green Smoothies have some great ideas.
  • Designate a day of the week where smoothies will be the family snack.
  • Designate a day of the week where you will send a smoothie to school.
  • Create your own morning green smoothie practice.
  • Build your pantry with smoothie ingredients.
  • Build your freezer with smoothie ingredients.
  • Find a friend and swop smoothies throughout the week. Accountability is a great thing when trying to create a new habit!
  • Buy straws, to-go cups, ball jars or thermoses to make drinking smoothies more portable or fun.
  • Find a protein powder you love. Remember to make sure it is whole food vs. isolated protein. I love Juice Plus Complete.
  • Get a high-speed blender. Here is a link for a refurbished 5200 with free shipping… which is what I recommend.
  • Don’t have the funds for a high-speed blender? Create a Vitamix plan. Can you set money aside each month? Is there someone (or a group of people) who always get you gifts you don’t use… can they help?

Come share what you create and ask Qs on Instagram! Use the hashtag #plansimplemeals so we can see you, or just come join the smoothie conversation wherever you see a smoothie image!

Here are the links I shared in this episode…

  • Join me in Faster Way to Fat Loss with Amanda Tress. You can sign up here or shoot me an email with questions.
  • Get your Vitamix here.
  • Learn more about Juice Plus here, and if you have any questions, shoot us an email.
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  • Eva Rawposa’s Episode
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