Diet Culture Takes Time with Nicole Hagen

Diet Culture Takes Time with Nicole Hagen
“The number on the scale can only tell you what your weight is.” - Nicole Hagen

Let’s ditch diet culture. Easier said than done, but what if losing weight really isn’t the goal? What if we put away the scale? I loved talking with nutrition coach Nicole Hagen about what happens when we shift our thinking about weight and wellness and nutrition.

Nicole shares her story about being obsessed with the number on her scale, while unwittingly  undermining her health. We talk about the difference between losing weight and losing fat — and what people really mean when they  say they want to lose weight.

Diet culture is bad, but that doesn’t mean that making changes to what or how you eat is bad. Body positivity is good, but it’s unrealistic to think we’re all going to love our body every day. So what if we focus on health change?

We talk about:

  • The why behind changes we want, be it weight loss or other physical changes
  • How our decisions now affect our life long-term
  • Listening to our body’s feedback
  • Additive diets — what happens when you add more of what you need (protein, fiber … it varies) instead of saying you can’t have any of something
  • Metrics to use and milestones to celebrate that aren’t scale related, but remembering to follow trends not one measurement
  • Sustainability and shame cycles


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    At the end of every episode, we share three doable changes, so you can take what you’ve heard and put it into action. Action is where change happens.

    Even though we want big change, it’s really little things done over and over that make the difference. So pick a doable thing. Put it in your calendar. Weave it through your days for a week and then move on to the next one. It will have a snowball effect.

    3 Doable Changes

    NUTRITION BY ADDITION. Instead of restricting what you eat, start with something you are not getting enough of. For a lot of people it is protein or fiber. Pick one way to add more of that. For example, a smoothie with lots of fruits or veggies adds fiber. Batch cook chicken or beans so you can easily add protein to meals throughout the week. Pack some protein snacks that you can keep in your car.

    KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT. Would you be happy if you looked and felt the way you wanted to, had fantastic health markers, and were showing up the way you want to, but the number on the scale didn’t change? What is it you really want? More energy? To be able to do certain activities now or in the future?

    CHOOSE METRICS. There are so many metrics you can use to track progress that don’t involve stepping on a scale. What would be meaningful for you: energy levels, libido, workout performance, cholesterol or blood sugar levels, a sense of ease around meals, how you feel in your clothes. Think about what will serve you and what you want around fat loss, body composition change, or general wellness.

    From Overwhelm to Ease


    Nicole Hagen is a nutrition coach, host of The Health, Wellth & Wisdom Podcast & a new mom.

    Driven by her own journey of recovering from a years-long eating disorder & healing her own relationship with food, Nicole has found her calling to help other women unsubscribe from the toxic diet culture, find food freedom & reach sustainable fat loss without deprivation, shame, or guilt.

    Today, 10+ years later, she has a Master’s in Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Public Health alongside countless other degrees, various podcast & media features & a successful business where she has helped hundreds of women leave yo-yo dieting and toxic diet culture behind, so they can live the healthiest & happiest lives!


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