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Structure Precedes Evolution With Cate Stillman

Structure Precedes Evolution with Cate Stillman

On this eoisode, Mia gets to talk with Cate Stillman of Kate starts the conversation by acknowledging that within our family we often don’t have the tools and structure to evolve. Cate dives into values and how impactful it is to codify our values — when you have set values then you have the structure. (Take action and figure out your family values.)

Cate talks about taking responsibility of our health, and shares the tool of family meetings. She shares how to use this idea of values and meetings to really empower our kids and live the life we want to create. Kate goes into a 101 overview of Ayurveda and yoga, and explains how we can use both to better understand the life we want to live. Cate talks about how we are disempowering our next generation (this is very real!), and she gives a very clear picture how we can empower our kids. Everything Cate shares is great for thriving in 2017, and if listeners take action, lifestyles will change!

Kate shares a Free Family Values Workshop: and a Connectivity Kit Coupon: XCYBERSALE.


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