Bring All of You to Work with Nic Frick

Bring All of You to Work with Nic Frick
“The first step of moving to the more masculine pieces of the job search is pulling back to the feminine and being like, am I taking really good care of myself right now? ” - Nic Frick

Recessions, layoffs, pivots, career pauses, and resume gaps… Nic Frick knows you can get a job you love in spite of these things. She’s about to birth a baby and a book called How to Get Any Job You Want, and she helps her clients get amazing jobs. And some of these people are moms.

We know that people who have raised children are unbelievable powerhouses, but it doesn’t always feel that way when you are presenting yourself in the work world. But you can reprogram your thoughts to believe it’s possible to get the job. Nic says that before moving to the more masculine pieces of the job search (resume, LinkedIn),  come back to the feminine.

Sometimes learning to make your current job more tolerable is the thing to do. You can do that with boundaries and releasing guilt.

We talk about: 

  • Getting realigned with the more feminine pieces of a job search, which are community, collaboration, pleasure, joy
  • Taking a holistic approach to your job search — taking care of yourself, being clear about all the parts of you that you want included in your job
  • Using the CARE method (clarity, action, right fit, enjoyment) to balance self-care and work
  • Setting boundaries (even if feels scary) helps us create better jobs for ourselves and others
  • Ways to release guilt or get past our inner critic and feelings of unworthiness
  • “I love myself so I …” as a way to take care of self and show our kids to do the same


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    Doable Changes

    REFOCUS YOUR JOB SEARCH. Before you dive into your resume or LinkedIn, turn to the feminine side of the job search—community, collaboration, pleasure, and joy. Think about what you want and why you are going back to work or looking for a new job.

    SET A BOUNDARY. It can be as simple as taking lunch away from your desk. Other ideas: leave on time to pick up your kids, put hours you answer message in your sig line — and follow it. Say I’m not available during X time. Hold that time. Practice doing it without guilt.

    “I LOVE MYSELF SO …”. Practice this affirmation throughout the day. It’s a way to remind you to take care of yourself, and if you have kids at home, you model taking care of yourself to them. “I love myself so I brush my teeth.” “I love myself so I go for a walk.” “I love myself so I take a break for lunch.”

    From Overwhelm to Ease

    About Nic Frick

    Nic Frick is a tech recruiter turned career coach + toddler mama. 

    With over a decade of experience hiring for customer service teams, speaking with 3000+ candidates as a tech recruiter, and training hiring managers on how to interview, she’s learned the ins and outs of what it takes to get any job you want (and actually love it) without compromising on your values or your wallet.

    Through her transformational coaching programs, Nic helps women land their dream jobs by showing them the exact steps it takes to not only create a career — but also a life — that matches their values so we can change the world together.

    Most days, you can find her sharing a bottle of champagne with her book club, spending time with her friends at her monthly brunches, going to the movie theater alone, and exploring restaurants with her hubby and daughter in San Francisco.


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