Being Enough with Jill Avey

Being Enough with Jill Avey
“You live feeling like you're not enough because you really aren't being enough.” - Jill Avey

Are you diluting yourself? Spreading yourself thin and feeling like you aren’t doing enough, because you aren’t being enough? I’m talking with Jill Avey about saying no, second acts, and stepping up to the next level.

Jill helps women who are at the director and VP levels get promoted to the next level up—and you can’t do that if you are diluting yourself. Whether you are looking to step up to a new level or step into act 2, Jill has a lot to share. She rose up to third in her company before leaving to start her own business.

One of the ways we dilute ourselves is by providing free labor. When was the last time you raised your hand to volunteer for something? Was it aligned? Did it move you toward your goals? Or was it about something else? We talk about people pleasing, being a team player, and disappointing others so we don’t disappoint ourselves.

We talk about: 

  • Noticing when you are giving away labor and asking why and what if you give money instead of labor?
  • Not taking things on just because we can see what needs to get done and have a hard time seeing them not done
  • Personal strategy retreats and regular check-ins with yourself 
  • Creating a to don’t list
  • Focusing on top 1-2 goals instead of dabbling in a bunch of them
  • The magic of groups of women supporting each other in business


Calling all women balancing wellness, work, family and self… Learn a 15-minute daily practice and go to bed each night proud of what you got done.

    Doable Changes

    MAKE A DON’T LIST. What are you doing now that is not serving you? What can you stop doing right away? What things will take more time to step out of? How can you start to take those things off your plate?

    STOP RAISING YOUR HAND. If you find that you’ve volunteered for something, ask yourself why you did it. Is it something you feel strongly about? Were you trying to be seen as a team player or people pleasing? Try to pause before volunteering for anything new. Ask yourself if it serves you to do it or if there is a way to contribute without the free labor.

    FOCUS YOUR ENERGY. Look at your goals. Which two are most important to you right now? What happens when you set your other goals to prioritize and focus on the top two?

    From Overwhelm to Ease

    About Jill Avey

    Jill helps women leaders get promoted to the Director and VP levels. She does this by supporting her clients to develop their strengths, increase their influence and navigate gender bias.

    She believes that everyone has talents they haven’t yet fully realized. She is inspired to help her clients find deep fulfillment in their careers both personally and financially. Her approach is grounded in research, applied behavioral science, and her own personal experience as an executive.


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