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A Healing Home With Moni Castaneda
If you can turn and look at any spot in your home and feel good about yourself, then your home is giving you good feedback. - Moni Castaneda

A Healing Home with Moni Castaneda

On this episode of the PlanSimple Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Moni Castaneda, about Feng Shui and how to set up our homes so that we can be more relaxed, more productive and get along with others better. If you do a lot of tidying and decluttering, we’re going to take a step back here to what comes before that — and the beauty and energy of it!

We talk about the two things we avoid: the things we really should be doing but don’t want to do and the things we would love to do but deprive ourselves from doing because of the thing we think we should do. So we talk about permission and what we learn and what we do for others. 

Moni shares some of the nine principles of transformations people need to go through and then connects those to things we can do in the home to make change. 

We talk about: 

  • Pouring a lot of love and energy into our kids and how to shift that as they grow or have even moved out on their own
  • Living a life of strategy, balance, and not wearing yourself out
  • Harmonizing the elements of your life
  • Changing the language you use to bring about change
  • How windows, mirrors, and artwork reflect our relationships 
  • The way changes in the home support the transformation of us as people


Moni Castaneda is a Feng Shui Consultant, Speaker and Author. Feng Shui is the ancient Asian art that teaches us how to live in harmony with our surroundings. Moni has integrated modern Western architecture (for which she trained) with ancient Feng Shui knowledge to create the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a step-by-step method to study and practice this art. With this method, Moni helps clients turn their current homes into dream homes, where they may live happy lives and realize their full potential.


101 doable changes
Choose from the changes above or download a list of 101 Doable Changes we made for you.

Doable Changes from this episode:

  • FIND YOUR BEAUTY. Moni says that it’s amazing how beauty transforms clutter. So start with beauty. She gives the example of having a beautiful couch that is always covered with stuff so you can’t see it. Clear the stuff. Look around your house for things that are already beautiful. How can you make the beauty shine? It might mean putting things away or clearing things or changing things (maybe using a basket instead of a plastic bin)? But instead of looking at the clutter, look at bringing out the beauty of one thing. 
  • CHANGE YOUR WORDS. Our words have power, and when we keep using negative language it impacts our lives. Start by noticing your negative language, things like I’m so disorganized or I’m a terrible mother because the toys aren’t picked up. Start eliminating negative language or bringing in more positive language. 
  • START WITH WHAT CLICKS. Journal on the ideas Moni talks about—different kinds of transformation, the relationship between home and ourselves, the idea of beauty, whatever else you heard. What really stands out for you? Why is it important?

Listen to the rest of my talk with Moni, including her Feng shui tips and ideas for transforming your home to transform your life (along with so much other wisdom and goodness) at CAMP!

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