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Mia leads her audiences with a dynamic, fast-paced mix of practical, “how-to” information delivered with a high dose of inspiration and motivation. Her infectious energy, beautiful slides and upbeat spirit will help busy moms change the way they think about food – and take action toward a better future for themselves and their families!

See Mia in Action

“Mia is a gifted, clear speaker who delivers on what she promises. After listening to her speak, I wanted to hire her on the spot to help with the insanity of trying to make healthy meals for your family with very limited time. Her talk was informative and made me re-think what and how I feed my family. I would highly recommend Mia as a speaker for any event.” – Courtney Staron

“I know the importance of healthy eating, but that does not always make it easy to pull off. I loved hearing Mia’s tips and the conversation it generated in
our school.” – Carri Scuba, Parent at Sanderling Waldorf School

A Focus on Moms

Mia focuses on moms (and dads who are game) because she believes parents have the power to change the current state of the Standard American Diet. All of Mia’s talks are accompanied by beautiful slides and fast-action worksheets, so attendees experience success quickly.

Mia’s Presentations are Perfect for…

Women’s Entrepreneur Groups
Gluten-free Conferences
Healthy Living Expos
Women’s Retreats
Yoga Studios
Parenting Groups

Parenting and eating are two of the most powerful and impactful jobs we take on in our lifetime, yet often they both lead to the most overwhelm and stress. Helping parents thrive at these two jobs yields big results in schools and in the workplace.

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Plan Simple Meals, the book, is an International best seller filled with gem that will benefit the parents at your school or organization.

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“This past fall I had the good fortune to attend a talk, really a conversation, with Mia Moran about the importance of healthy nutrition and rhythms at mealtimes. As a current Waldorf parent, it was refreshing to hear how another Waldorf mom has incorporated these values into her daily rhythm with her children. While we have heard from our own teacher and mainstream nutritionists on the importance of healthy eating habits in relationship to healthy learning, Mia’s practical approach, was refreshing. I would highly recommend this talk.”
– Tony Cirone, Director of Development at the Waldorf School of San Diego

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