Get the NEW EDITION of the FLOW Planner with Bonus Course.

The first planner actually made for women to create balance while focusing on what matters most — including wellness, family and work.

Ever wonder why regular planners haven’t really worked for you?

That’s because they were originally designed in the 1700s for white men returning from war! Eventually when women started using planners, they slapped some flowers onto the cover and called it a day. But they aren’t truly designed with women in mind.

The FLOW System is designed for a woman’s brain.

With this system, you can get done the things that matter most — despite your never ending to-do list.

It’s NOT that you don’t have enough time. It’s that you’re organizing the wrong things.

Our default planning methods try to find a space and time for everything that life throws at you. Sometimes we lose sight of what is truly important and necessary for the life that we actually want. Traditional planners are literally designed to make us feel bad.

With the FLOW system, you prioritize what matters most to YOU, not what the world says matters.

When you have tuned in to what truly matters most, you’ll be astonished at how much you can accomplish. With the FLOW system, you’ll get the right things done more efficiently – and with more joy.

I’ve tried a lot of different planners and read a lot of productivity/time management books and this is the one I’ve been searching for for years.

— Sherry

It starts with realizing we are so much more than our role at work or home — and there is no need to choose. In fact, to feel in flow, we need to plan for all areas of our life.


Food + Wellness

Finally prioritize your health and feel your best.



Experience more joy in your home and with those you love.



Create time and space just for you.



Make money in an aligned way.

Workbook Meets Calendar

Other planners try to help you organize everything that life throws at you. With the FLOW Planner, you decide how you want to feel and what you need to get done.

Each book takes you on a 90-day adventure.
Within that, you can choose between Weekly and Daily Planners.
The BONUS FLOW90 Course is a deep dive into the system behind the planner that will help you make the most of your planner and get into FLOW.


  • Pick your planner — weekly or daily — and a color.
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Get your planner.
Then get the course.

    I recommend daily if:

    • You are new to this process and often don’t follow through on your big ideas
    • Your weekly appointments and meetings go into an electronic calendar like google or iCal
    • You love the idea of having a nurturing daily ritual

    I recommend weekly if:

    • You like to see your week at a glance and do not have an electronic calendar
    • You have always wanted to try time blocking
    • You know that developing regular habits will be an important part of your goals

    The FLOW Planner is a great way to get clear about the direction you want your life to flow—and all the small steps we need to take daily to achieve our vision. I love that everything is in one book

    — Jen

    Let’s revolutionize the way you think, plan and follow through, so that you can prioritize what matters most.

    You have questions.
    We have some answers.

    Why a paper planner?

    Sure, there are many electronic planners out there – but science shows that actually putting pen to paper has a positive effect on your mindset and planning. Writing about emotional aspects of your life can lift your mood, and writing down goals can actually improve the encoding in your brain!

    That said, Mia has some environmentally conscious teens, and promised them that in 2022 we will be working on a way to fill in pages on an iPad.

    How do you all give back?

    Well, we know that our planners do use valuable resources. For every FLOW Planner purchased, a tree gets planted. We have partnered with One Tree Planted to make this happen.

    What’s in the bonus course?

    The FLOW Planner is designed for you to make time for what really matters most to you in your current season. We all have the same 24 hours but different demands and desires. Through a guided process, you will figure out what makes most sense for your day — sometimes you will change the world, and sometimes you will get more sleep!

    The FLOW process is a new way of thinking, so the bonus course takes you through the process and gives you lots of examples. Those who want even more accountability, end up joining us for FLOW365.

    I’m more organized now than ever before and I’m not even using it to its fullest capacity yet. Love it!

    — Heather