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(Doable Change) Get It Out Of Your Head
“I always say, don’t make plans, make options.” - Jennifer Aniston

(Doable Change) Get it out of your head

It is officially week 3 of the 30 weeks and 30 doable changes challenge. Download planning packet at

Each week I am suggesting a doable change that relates to planning your best, most well life. Each week, I am doing the change alongside you. Each week, I will have a short episode that goes along with the change.

Week 3. Get everything out of your head and onto paper. We talk about cleansing our bodies through diet and clearing clutter from our homes. This strategy is about clearing your head of clutter. We hold a lot in our heads. Getting everything out of our heads and onto paper frees up a lot of mental space for being present—and taking action on things that matter.

Refer to the Brain Dump Worksheet in the planning packet that you can download at

Remember, set a timer, and let it all out. Then set a timer again the next day and do the same. Do it for a few days until your mind feels clear. Put the paper away before your mind leads you back to overwhelm — really feel the emptiness.


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