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Ten Minutes That Can Completely Change Your Life

Ten minutes that can completely change your life

A life changing practice presented by Nina Manolson

There are some complicated feelings that go with self-care aren’t there?

“I know I’ll feel better if I take care of myself.”
But…  “I can’t stop to take care of myself, I’m too busy.”

“I need some ‘me’ time, I’m getting so cranky!”
But… “I should really be using my time productively.”

For women with busy lives, it can be a lot harder than it might seem to stop and take care of yourself.
You probably even know what you “should” be doing – sleeping more, eating more veggies, drinking more water – etcetera.

You read all the wonderful blogs and magazines that tell you which foods to eat and which to avoid. But when exactly is all that supposed to happen?  It doesn’t, ‘cause life is so busy. You’re left at the bottom of the list, forever bumped off till tomorrow.

The crazy part is that you really know that when you feel deeply nourished, you are  more of who you want to be – with your family and in your life!

You’re happier, you’re more creative, you’re free-er, you feel better in your body.

So how – on a truly practical level – is self-care supposed to fit into a busy life?

The 10.10.10 Method

It’s bite-sized self care.

It’s self-care that works in a busy woman’s life, because really, even if you’re super busy, you can prioritize yourself and take 10 minutes for you!

Even if you feel “nope, I don’t have a minute in my day” you can usually find 10 minutes to really focus on yourself.

If you’ve ever experienced 10 minutes zip by while checking your email or Facebook, then you’ve got 10 minutes to give yourself for self-care. It’s the gift that will keep on giving (throughout your day)!

The 10.10.10 is ten minutes, three times a day, of self-care.

It can be any kind of self-care. Activities that feel nourishing, that are specifically about reconnecting you with a feeling of being centered and nurtured.

Here’s what a day with the 10.10.10 can look like:

Morning 10:  Take 10 minutes to start the day from a place of nourishment…to stretch or journal…or to make yourself a green smoothie.

Mid-day 10:  Take 10 minutes to reconnect to yourself: walk or meditate…or call a nurturing friend.

Evening 10:  Give yourself another 10-minute gift:  Jot down your gratitudes…take a bath…or have a cup of calming tea.

The thing about the 10.10.10 is that it’s time for YOU and it’s time with YOU. It’s not about “getting it done,” it’s not about multi-tasking.

Can 10 minutes three times a day make a difference in how you feel, how you look, and how you respond to life?

Absolutely. And here’s why: When you are rushing around all the time, you are in a stress response. Cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) levels rise. And when your stress hormones are high, your metabolism, immune system and digestion are low. And often our joy in and ease with life take a dive as well.

The 10.10.10 shifts you into a more relaxed state. Even if you’re going right back into the rush of life, those 10 minutes will have made a powerful impact on your physical and mental health.
My invitation to you:  Try it.

Set your smart phone to remind you three times a day to stop and give yourself the gift of your own presence, your own nurturance and your own kindness.

You need it and you’re worth it!

Nina Manolson, MA is the founder of Nourished Woman Nation. She helps busy women who know they “should” be taking better care of themselves, but have a hard time making it happen. Nina has helped hundreds of women step into a truly nourished life that gives them more energy, more ease in their bodies, and more glow. She is a certified health coach and Psychology of Eating Coach. For Nina’s free video series: “What to do now, when everything you’ve done hasn’t worked,” go to

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