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Summer Plans
“When change is big we have to reimagine the systems at work in our lives.” - Mia Moran

Summer Plans

This summer is not at all how you may have pictured it in January.

I am hearing a lot of “I wish it would just go back to normal,” and I get it because there are many things about last spring and summer that felt easier — there was camp, it was relatively easy to go for a swim, go camping, go to the beach, get gas in the car, my kids all had excursions with grandparents — I had moments of summer bliss and moments of focused work.

But, I have been thinking A LOT about what normal was. Everything I do here is at some level to disrupt “normal,” because many of us are eating too much food that is not nourishing us, doing too many things each day which causes us to be in a constant state of busy, very rarely have time to just be, and working really hard and while our kids are at school and beyond for hours that were set for us by factory workers during the Industrial Revolution.

What if we really need a new normal?

What if the biggest health crisis and racial justice movement are here in front of us so we can make some real changes?

When women decide to step into FLOW, our accountability program, It is because they have decided to make a big change in themselves — the food they eat, the work they do, way more balance, some actual self-care.

We always start with a plan because when change is big we have to reimagine the systems at work in our lives. This is big, and big needs a blueprint.

You may have some big changes you want to see in your life, or you may be just trying to survive in the current state of the world, which is asking us to change — the current state of healthcare and racism are two systems built to keep us small.

So let’s make a plan.

This is not a heavy plan.

I will be talking about a 90-day plan again real soon where we can tackle some big goals.

But for now, this plan is meant to keep us moving forward in little but meaningful ways.

It is subtle but conscious.

It may not be the planning of a revolution, but it is the grounding you may need to see your part in a revolution.

It is not camp, but it is a few little things that will give you a few hours to get work done, knowing the kids are not drowning in video games.

When life gets so big and heavy, my people tend to do one of two things — take it all on and stand pretty motionless because “taking it all on” is debilitating, or putting blinders on and getting something done, but that focus is dependent on the world working in predictable ways and having kids in school (or camp), and that’s not our reality right now.

So let’s find that middle ground. 

Let’s take in what’s happening all around us.

Let’s understand what we can do about it right now.

Me, I want to get my perimenopausal body feeling better, so I am a strong and healthy version of myself today.

I also want to do my part in being anti-racist, and right now that is about learning.

I want to be super connected and have fun with my kids while they are home — I also want them to pitch in at home at a new level. 

I want to get good work done efficiently.

I want to pay attention to how we use resources as a family.

And from this, I make my summer plan. As a family, we do a family plan — and each kid can do their own.

I made you some Planning Sheets ! But I will also tell you what’s on them in case you just want to think about these on your own paper.

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Here are some of the things to think about (and that make up the planning sheets)…

A plan just for you

  • books to read
  • selfcare rituals
  • food goals
  • make the world better
  • work projects
  • around the house
  • learn
  • fun
  • things that can wait until August

A family plan

  • rainy day activities
  • sunny day activities
  • cloudy day activities
  • ways to make the world better
  • trips
  • food
  • new rituals
  • just because it’s summer

A plan for each kid

  • books I will read
  • projects I want to do
  • healthy habits to practice
  • ways I will make the world better than I found it
  • activities just for me
  • activities with my family
  • chores around the house

Answer these Qs yourself or have fun with our three planning sheets.
Download them here »

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