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The funny thing about kale — which is currently the veggie I crave most — is I would have not known to buy it just a few years back. But is is a good one that is really easy to prep once you get the hang of it.

I use this recipe for a component in rice bowls for dinner, tossed with an avocado and quinoa for a winter breakfast, or as a yummy side or topping to a soup…

This recipe can be used with any type of greens and we enjoy some variety 1 to 2 times a week!

A tip: Cut it really small, like really small — strips that may be a centimeter. If there is a lot of stem, cut those pieces even smaller, and get them in the pot first…


1 large bunch Kale
5 cloves minced Garlic
1 tablespoon Olive Oil
3 tablespoons Mirin
3 tablespoons Tamari

Cut any extra-large spines out of kale.

Wash and slice the kale into VERY thin strips, ¼” width (or smaller).

Put oil in skillet and add damp kale.

Sauté until kale begins to wilt and the water starts to evaporate.

Add mirin and garlic and keep cooking for about 5 more minutes (or until desired consistency).

When it is “done” add the tamari and transfer kale and sauce to serving bowl.

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