A FREE PLANATHON for moms balancing work, wellness, home and a lot of unknowns!

20 minutes a day for 5 Days... I'M IN!

P.S. You don't want to miss this! There is magic and calm in a plan.

5 Days. 5 Lessons. Your Plan.

You can THRIVE this fall — even if all your givens (like the kids' school) are uncertain, and even if you feel like you cannot possibly handle one more day of trying to get work done with your whole family home! Give me 20 minutes a day, for 5 days, and we will create your fall plan — one that helps you thrive no matter what you are juggling.

Here is what's included...


Simple tools you can use over and over.

We will kickstart your plan with two simple tools that act as the foundation and will save you from hours (maybe even weeks) of spinning — you know that feeling when there is so much to do that nothing gets done, and you feel like you are going in circles.


Balanced goals.

You will learn how to set a balanced goal (and set one) that supports you in this season and gets you fired up even though it has been a strange year so far. No more martyr mom!


The 5 mistakes.

We will talk about the 5 mistakes that we all make when doing new things, and how our fall PLAN CAN MITIGATE THOSE MISTAKES. Many of us will bring some big new goals to the table, but even if we don't, we are ALL doing new things right now!


Reaching goals in uncertain times.

We will workshop how to reach your goals when no two days are feeling the same, or even close to "normal." We will show you a life hack that will help you plan for certainty one day at a time.


The magic and method of a 90-day plan.

I truly believe that we can take back 2020 with one smart 90-day season. Things are shifting day-to-day, but a 90-day plan helps create the structure that we need to find joy and ease, no matter what a day brings.  I believe you can do this even though kids are around more often and everything food takes more time. Together we will craft a plan filled with the things that matter most to you right now.

Ready for the the Planathon?
Here's the deal. The Planathon was live the week of August 24th, but it was so highly received, we are making the content available through September 7.

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Come make your plan that includes work, kids and wellness. It's not time to endulge in overwhelm.

The PLANATHON may be exactly what you need to take control of your fall.

20 minutes a day for 5 Days... I'M IN!

PlanSimple customers LOVE this system!

The FLOW planning system helped me become more mindful. I learned that I could care about food, self-care, lifestyle, family and work without being a workaholic. I learned to think about seasons and what I want things to look and feel like. I started blocking time for the things I want, and I feel way more well-rounded."  – Carrie Allen

The FLOW Planner and FLOW365 have really made me responsible for my priorities and I am loving the work that I am able to get done when I truly own up to what I want out of my life." – Maggie Thurber

I liked, especially that the FLOW process wasn’t just about work…. the focus across everything I found especially appealing." Sue Tully

It takes time to change things, but as soon as I started to move toward my vision, mini step by mini step, wins keep happening! I’m more deeply connected to my inner voice, the higher “power,” and my goals, and I felt fully supported by Mia, who is a huge source of inspiration for me!" – Hélène DeFrance

I love that the FLOW Planner looks at the whole day, the whole month, the whole 90 days in one book — and that you can choose your focus for just 90 days. It helps refocus your goals, your thoughts, your tasks."
– Brandi Bonica

Who is behind the Planathon?

I am Mia — mom of 3, creative director and productivity coach at PlanSimple. I am on a mission to help women balance work, family and wellness.

My wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 10 years ago when I understood the power food could have on my health, my family, and my productivity. That experience led me on a learning quest to understand all the pieces.  

I experienced two unforseen gifts from this journey. First, the practice of finding ease, despite balancing what looks like a full plate of work, home, motherhood and all the meals. Second, the gift of a good plan.

Ready for the the Planathon?

I can't wait to help you discover what you are capable of right now, and how to get there this fall! This will be an interactive experience, so that you build your plan over the course of a week, and walk away with the tools you need to keep it in motion! Here is a little secret... when you thrive, your whole family thrives.

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Your info is safe with me—I'll never share your email.