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Plan Simple 2020
“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” - Steve Jobs

Plan Simple 2020

I often serve up a platter of doable changes and let you choose — in fact I give you three at the end of every podcast interview…

I never want you to focus on more than one-a-week, but I know that we are all at different stages in our journeys.

For the past 2 years, I have taken myself through a series of 30 doable changes that always yield big returns when I focus on them.

The first year I did it alone.

Last year I invited in the PlanSimple community.

Each time I do it, I learn new things and create better habits.

So I made a few changes, and would love you to join me for the next 30 week journey!

Maybe you’ve tried some of these ideas before, but they are practices that bear repeating.

It takes creativity, focus and consistency to reach our dreams.

If you spend the next 210 days doing one thing a week to move you towards your ideal life, imagine how you will feel 1 year from now. If you cannot imagine… let me suggest that you that you might feel healthy, happy, organized, accomplished, productive, grateful — to name a few!

Whether you are trying to get healthy, parent better, improve your relationship, meditate, or make more money, you need to master your time.

We have created prompts for a change a week that will help you rock 2020.

If you integrate these doable changes each week, you will undoubtedly see change. But remember, this works when you focus on one doable change at a time. If you are feeling super motivated and decide to jump in on all 30 changes at once, you are likely to get overwhelmed and burn out without making change.

Focus on one change each week.

I’ve laid out these specific changes for a reason. As I mentioned, I’ve seen these work again and again for myself and for clients.  AND if a particular change doesn’t resonate with you, skip it. Remember, consistency counts. But if you miss a day or a week or get off track, just start again. Keep making doable changes that move your toward the big changes and the life you want.

Here is a sneak peek of the first 5 weeks…

Week 1. Start with a vision. I love this strategy from Marc Allen. On a single piece of paper write out your Ideal Scene five years from now. Five years is a period of time that’s long enough to be able to imagine great change in yourself. At the same time, it’s close enough that you can imagine yourself looking similar and having the same personality, and while technology changes fast, you aren’t waiting for time travel in order to achieve your goal. Be as creative as you can be. The biggest limit to our own lives is our imagination. Refer to the Ideal Scene worksheet in the eBook.

Week 2. What is one small hack that would support your vision? This is a small action — a little thing that will help you move towards the vision you created last week — something you can start today! For example, I have a few big goals that I will need money to make happen. If I think too much about those goals, they feel impossible and overwhelming, but if I do something to move towards the money part, I feel better. So, my hack is to put money in my calendar — I am scheduling bill due dates, weekly money meetings with myself every Wednesday,  accountability calls with a friend, a money date with my husband. These are all small tweaks that move me in the direction of being the person that I need to be to make my ideal scenario happen.

My hack is:


I will start today by:


Week 3. Get everything out of your head and onto paper. We talk about cleansing our body through diet and clearing clutter from our homes. This strategy is about clearing your head of clutter. We hold a lot in our heads. Getting everything out of our heads and onto paper frees up a lot of mental space for being present—and taking action on things that matter. Refer to the Brain Dump Worksheet in the eBook.

Week 4. Write it down. In week three, we focused on a big brain dump to get clutter out of our heads and onto paper. This week, focus on writing down the things that really matter. Having a paper planner may seem redundant, but there is magic in writing down your goals. So schedule it all: your food, lifestyle, and work in one place. So often we schedule work, doctor’s appointments and kids activities, but we leave out the fun date nights, one-on-one time with our kids, and self-care time. Include the doable change you are focusing on. Plan for all of it on the same calendar! Refer to the Week-at-a-Glance Sheet in the eBook.

Week 5. What part of your vision can you tackle in the next 90 days? As moms, the rug is always being pulled from under us when we plan for a year. We are more likely to get into perfection paralysis and stay out of action with the concept of a resolution. Very often I hear stories of people getting done in 3 months what they thought they would get done in a year when they focus on 90 days. One goal in my 5-year plan is to start a school for moms that educates on food, lifestyle, spirituality, work and productivity. My vision is grand with live meet-ups, lots of teachers and a strong community. At the moment the thing that moves me closest to that is FLOW365, so my 90-day goal is about FLOW365 growth and enrollment. Refer to the 90-Day Goal Planning Sheet in the eBook to make your plan.

When you opt in to the get your free eBook, you will also get access to the PlanSimple community and weekly reminders. I am so excited to go on this 30 week journey with you!

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