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One Small Hack That Would Support Your Vision
“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” - Warren Buffett

One Small Hack That Would Support Your Vision

Week 2. What is one small hack that would support your vision?

This is a small action — a little thing that will help you move towards the vision you created last week — something you can start today!

For example, Last year what stuck out to me was that I have a few big goals that I will need money to make happen. If I think too much about those goals, they feel impossible and overwhelming, but if I do something to move towards the money part, I feel better. So, my hack was to put money in my calendar — I scheduled bill due dates, weekly money meetings with myself every Wednesday, accountability calls with a friend, a money date with my husband (like mentioned in the episode with Bari Tessler.) These are all small tweaks that move me in the direction of being the person that I need to be to make my ideal scenario happen.

This year what stuck out how healthy I am in my 5-year vision. My hack, read The Hormone Cure.

What is your hack? How can you move forward today?

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