Small Moves
That Matter

31 Five-Minute Teachings
by 31 Amazing Women

Create More Ease and Joy in Your Life (and Business) this December


December can be exhausting!

It’s easy to get caught up in festive “shoulds” and put off what you really want until the new year. What if you spent 5 minutes a day on you NOW?

Get 31 Five-Minute Moves from 31 Experts

Teachers that will change your life

We’ve hand picked some incredible guides to bring transformations to your mind, body, spirit, home, and work during the month of December. Each day, you will get a 5-minute practice, strategy, or tool that will support how you want to feel this season.

Amanda Hinman
Hormone Guide

Ashley Ludlow
Technology Guide

Candy Motzek
Self-doubt Guide

Christal Allen

Marriage Guide

Dana Jones

Family Stories Guide

Desha Peacock
LifeSTYLE Guide

Gianna Diggs
Emotional Freedom Guide

Heather Hester
Parenting + Allyship Guide

Heather Maguire
Intuition Guide

Jen Murray
Breath Guide

Jennifer Zwiebel
Vision Guide

Jill Hope
Perspective Guide

Julie Hannon
Meditation Guide

Kaila Pilecki
Money Guide

Kali Patrick
Sleep Guide

Katie Chambers
Story Guide

Kelley Grimes
Peace and Joy Guide

Kelly Lubeck, MPH
Body Listening Guide

Kim Marie
Holistic Empowerment Guide

Lia Pinelli
Self Image Guide

Megan Flatt
Legacy Guide

Miriam Schulman
Goal Guide

Nicole Crone
Manifestation Guide

Rosalyn Fung
Akashic Guide

Roxanne Lowery
Healing Sound Guide

Sara Nelson
Feng Shui Guide

Shahin Najak, M.Ed

Mindfulness Guide

Tess Masters
Food Guide

Toni Bergins
Journey Dance Guide

Vanessa Linsey
Relationship Guide

Why small moves that matter?

Big changes happen when you make small moves again and again — and you don’t have to wait to get started. 

We’re sharing small moves to help you navigate life, during the holiday season, things to improve your business, and ways to upgrade your well being — all in doable ways — even in this busy season. 

Imagine being more grounded and present this season.

Imagine entering the new year resourced and ready.

Do you have 5 minutes a day for that? I bet you do.

A note from Mia.... My wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 14 years ago when I understood the power food could have on my health, my family connection, and my productivity. That experience led me to become a student of life. I have studied mindfulness, yoga, coaching, entrepreneurship, parenting, mindset, relationships, to name a few. 

At the foundation of Make December Matter, are two unforseen gifts from this journey. First, the practice of finding time to plan, especially at times when my plate feels so very full at work and home. Second, the gift of a restorative December. 

Join me and our AMAZING GUEST TEACHERS to make SMALL MOVES THAT MATTER. I promise that EVERYONE in your house will thank you!

What past participants are saying...

“I think we all get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget what slowing down, breathing and refreshing our plan feels like.”

Melissa, entrepreneur and mom of 2 young adults

“I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and taking this time to listen and come up with ways to self nurture myself right now and making the days count in such a crazy time.”


“I have gotten and am getting so much out of this! Thank you for putting it together - I am so glad I made time for it. What a great gift it was - THANK YOU!”


Small Moves
That Matter

31 Five-Minute Teachings
by 31 Amazing Women

Create More Ease and Joy in Your Life (and Business) this December