Make December Matter


A learning experience for women “balancing it all” who want to create something different this holiday season — and into 2021.


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The Gift of a Sane December

Find time to learn and implement new tools, despite juggling what looks like a full plate of work, home and motherhood. 

It's been a doozy of a year, but we women cannot enter 2021 exhausted! Our families, our communities, and the world need us strong. Join me to create your sane December, which may lead you into your best year yet!

Since we launched on November 13...

The make December matter experience was really helpful to me this year. The world and my own life feel really in flux so this helped a lot with clarifying how I want the holidays to feel this year. That clarity is going to make these holidays feel more peaceful and purposeful for me. Thank you so much!” – Stephanie

The MDM weekend experience has been great. This, Along with being in FLOW 365, Is helping me cope with these crazy times and circumstances as well as be connected to my family. I feel that I am more of a role model to my kids- I’m staying calm and present while also productive. I like the planning aspect because it means that we are all looking forward to a positive future.— Brigid

I love that Mia hosts these events. I think we all get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget what slowing down, breathing and refreshing our plan feels like.“ – Melissa

I have been loving making December matter. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed and taking this time to listen and come up with ways to self nurture myself right now and making the days count in such a crazy time.– Brittany

Ready to recharge?
Here’s what
s part of the 2020 MDM Collection.

Sixteen Expert Talks that fall into 3 Categories.

#1 Plan December

#2 Thrive During December

#3 December Practices for 2021 Planning

A Comprehensive Planning Journal

One of my FAVORITE December activities is waking up early, grabbing a cup of tea, lighting a fire, and doing a combo of journaling and new year planning. So I made a planninng guide to go along with all the Make December Matters lessons — 100+ pages of support!

3 Bonuses to make this a “No Brainer”

Make Demember Matter 2019

The reason we are created this now is because the 2019 MDM experience — with all different speakers — was such a success. Get access to the full 2019 Experience with a special map to understand how the two relate.

Advent calendar LIVE workshop.

Spend 90 minutes with Mia making a tool for your family that will bring magic to your whole family ($37).Taught live November 20 or access recording.

Holiday meal planning LIVE class.

Spend 90 minutes with Mia making a mealplan for Hannakah, Christmas or New year's Eve ($37). Taught live December 8 or access recording.

Invest in Yourself

We have carefully curated the material and a group of AMAZING TEACHERS so that you get the pieces you need to transform your December, the inspiration to plan an amazing 2021, and the tools to make both happen — regardless of what is happening around you. Everything we do in Make December Matter is designed to serve you long after the experience is over...


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We have partnered with some of our favorite coaches, teachers and practitioners to deliver a unique and fulfilling 2020 experience.

About Mia Moran

My wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 10 years ago when I understood the power food could have on my health, my family connection, and my productivity. That experience led me to become a student of life. I have studied mindfulness, yoga, entrepreneurship, parenting, mindset, speaking, relationships, writing, to name a few. 

At the foundation of this retreat are two unforseen gifts from this journey. First, the practice of finding time to learn and implement, despite balancing what looks like a full plate of work, home and motherhood. Second, the gift of a sane December. 



Some more words from attendees...

What a great day. Thank you, Mia! I really loved this format... the care you took in coordinating everything... meditations, meals, time for walks, not to mention the amazing assortment of speakers. So well done. ❤️👏👏👏“ – Jenna

Thank you Mia for putting on this planning event! I loved it last year and this year is just as good! I love the associated planning sheets as well!—Cynthia

I really appreciated last years make December Matter (thank you Mia!!) but wasn’t in a position to own the recordings but this year I just had to own it—Martina

“I have gotten and am getting so much out of this! Thank you for putting it together - I am so glad I made time for it. What a great gift it was - THANK YOU!–Elisabeth

I think the MDM workshops come at a great time to ramp up to the stressful holiday season. Although, I think this year will be different for many reasons, so maybe this will be the year many will find their rythem thanks to your amazing workshop. I shared with 3 friends.—Angela

Spend time the holiday season to MAKE each day MATTER

After everything youve gone through in 2020, you deserve this. These two days may be exactly what you need to take control of your life.

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