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Homesteading And Knives With RB Fast

Homesteading and Knives with RB Fast

On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, Mia talks with RB Fast. They dive into the very exciting topic of Urban Homesteading. Wait until you hear how and where RB sources her food. It is quite inspirational!

RB shares her strategies for balancing her garden with her work and parenting. She also describes her family ritual for visiting a farm to harvest tons of veggies, along with her system for freezing and preserving.

RB shares an overview of the Montessori philosophy, how she practices it at home, and how our kids can embrace the philosophy at home to be more self-reliant in the kitchen. RB finally shares what her day looks like from school pick-up to dinner. For anyone questioning family dinner, this is a must listen!

RB Fast is a coach and mentor for school leaders and the CEO of, a hiring website for Montessori schools. She believes that education is a powerful tool for social justice and that school leaders are key to making major change in our society. When her family gets home, she shuts down her computer to focus on spending together growing and preparing food while laughing a lot. She lives in Denver, CO but escapes to see the world as much as possible, usually in pursuit of cappuccino and cheese. Follow her journey on social media @VegucationMama or keep up with her thoughts on school leadership at

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