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GLOW With Tanya Wheeless
Good enough can really be the enemy of happiness. - Tanya Wheeless

GLOW with Tanya Wheeless

On this episode of the Plan Simple Meals Podcast, I’m really excited to talk with Tanya Wheeless, the founder and CEO of HappyGrace about happiness.

Tanya tells about excelling in law school and in her law career, applying for a CEO position at age 27 and getting it, and pushing herself to new heights and loving it … until it didn’t feel good. She shares how she found herself crying every day and realizing something needed to change. So she made that change and now helps other women find their way to happiness.

Her top piece of advice when you realize that things could be better: give yourself a break. If you are used to pushing yourself to the next place you want to be, switch gears—don’t get aggressive about getting happy. To be different you have to do different.

We talk about:

  • Letting go of things you can’t control
  • The magic of 90 days
  • Tanya’s GLOW Method (Gratitude, Letting go, Owning it, With love)
  • Fresh prompts for gratitude, like what went wrong today that turned out okay?
  • Creating a gratitude practice at dinner
  • Finding quiet time every day
  • How dreaming more opens things up


Tanya Wheeless is the Founder and CEO of Happy Grace, a company whose products give women a simple daily system to keep their souls healthy, happy and refreshed. A passionate speaker, writer and entrepreneur, Tanya’s mission is simple: help every woman become the woman of her dreams by applying the ancient wisdom and cutting-edge research that changed her own life.


Doable Changes from this episode:

  • PRACTICE GRATITUDE DAILY. There are lots of ways to do this, and none of them have to take a lot of time. You can say a prayer, write in a journal, add things you are grateful for to an app. You can even integrate your gratitude practice into something else you already do—like sharing gratitude part of family dinner.

  • FIND QUIET TIME EVERY DAY. Every day take 10–15 minutes for yourself where you can just be in silence and breathe. You can meditate or just be quiet. That might mean getting up 15 minutes before your family to have your quiet time or sitting alone in your car for 10 minutes when you get home before you go in. Just give yourself that time.

  • MAKE SPACE TO DREAM. Let yourself dream about what life could be like. Own what you want, even if you can’t imagine how you could get there. Simply owning your dreams starts to create space.
101 doable changes
Choose from the changes above or download a list of 101 Doable Changes we made for you.

REALLY getting healthy as a family can be a big lifestyle change. But no matter how insurmountable it may feel, focusing on one doable change at a time can help you take small steps toward your big goal.

A healthy lifestyle is really made of lots of little things that when repeated regularly and added together over time make a huge impact on your life.

Choose one Doable Change every Sunday night — one thing that you are willing to play with for the week. The key is to keep it doable and fun! Write that thing on a sticky note or your phone so you remember it. Then put 3 things on your calendar that support it.

Choose from the changes above or download a list of 101 Doable Changes we made for you.


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