You do not have to choose between meaningful work, motherhood and your wellness. Get done the things that matter most— everyday — no matter what’s happening around you.

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  • You have defined, meaningful work goals — and are reaching them.
  • Your home feels purposeful (and maybe decluttered) and you find joy and ease there.
  • You feel like work and home and family and you all get the attention they need.
  • You never stress about what’s for dinner, and your kids might actually eat what you make.
  • You know how to get the “right” things done, and feel really accomplished at the end of each day.
  • You know what it means to create a plan and really stick to it — even in the midst of a pandemic.
  • You have learned things you have been meaning to learn for years — because you read that book, took that class, or joined that gym.
  • You have clarity around your dreams and work towards them each day.
  • You have a group of other women who support you and cheer you on.
  • You have energy.

These are just some of the results we hear most frequently…


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What does this all really look like in real life? For some women it is getting more sleep. For others it is taking a leap into a business that just felt like an aside. For others it is gaining new energy from eating differently. For some it is dialing in motherhood while scaling a business to a whole new level.

It starts with one change and ripples outward. 

We learn how to keep it simple enough to thrive in multiple areas of our lives.

Real change isn’t easy … but it’s simple.

Creating a life you love means doing little things over and over.

It means changing how we think.

It means making our choices work in all sorts of situations:

  • Throughout the seasons.
  • When kids are in school or learning from home.
  • During busy well days and lazy sick days.
  • When in-laws are in town or you go on a family vacation.

The magic of FLOW 365 is that you get a full year to turn changes into habits. You decide what really matters and where to put your focus now. You learn new systems, new ways of thinking and doing and being (yes, time off is just as important as what you get done). You get accountability and community.

You turn “I wish I could” to “I am.”


“The pandemic is shaking up what life normally looks like, and making time much more fluid for me. It's a great time to check in with what my values, needs and priorities are, and to be OK experimenting. It's like an opportunity to reset, and to be able to do that with guidance from someone who can help you structure your time AND your thoughts to support your desires is huge. It's also so easy to let this time disappear in a haze of overwhelm — being part of this structured class and process, with people who are learning to be kind to themselves with everything going on, allows this to be a time of growth rather than fear or paralysis. I love looking back to see what's been born over the last few months, I feel so lucky to have found Mia!“ –Jennifer Zwiebel, FLOW365er


FLOW365 and the FLOW planning system helped me become more mindful. I learned that I could care about food, self-care, lifestyle, family and work without being a workaholic. I learned to think about seasons and what I want things to look and feel like. I started blocking time for the things I want, and I feel way more well-rounded. While in FLOW365 I launched a new company, while having a full time job, and really showing up at home for myself and my family.”  Carrie Allen

FLOW365 is a magical program if you are serious about organizing & planning your life to include all your heart desires, in all aspects of your life. If you are ready to leave room to enjoy the little moments and not stress to much about the big ones, this is for you. With FLOW365, I’m thinking about how I want my weeks to feel and can visualize what I have going on for the week or month ahead. I love being part of a wonderful community of fantastic women. My weeks are easier with meal planning. But giving myself time to truly think about what my needs are is the greatest gift of all!” – Heather Dressel

FLOW 365 is a really rich experience! Imagine taking a whole year to understand and move forward towards the life you want. It takes time to change things, but as soon as I started to move toward my vision, mini step by mini step, wins keep happening! I’m more deeply connected to my inner voice, the higher “power,” and my goals, and I felt fully supported by Mia, who is a huge source of inspiration for me!” – Hélène DeFrance

I’m an idea girl. I always have big ideas, but I didn’t really know how to implement them. FLOW 365 showed me how to plan things out. And knowing that I had a plan and a list and the idea of where I was going, helped me give myself permission to take time off if I needed to to take care of my family or myself. Starting my day by looking over my plan for the day and for my week has really helped me implement the changes I want.” 
Angela Litzinger

With FLOW 365, I loved getting on calls and meeting new people from all walks of life, all over the country. We are different in so many ways, but we all share the same stories, the same challenges and work through things together. And the retreats were so restorative! I’m so grateful for the new process, and the community that we have built! I love that the FLOW Planner looks at the whole day, the whole month, the whole 90 days in one book—and that you can choose your focus for just 90 days. It helps refocus your goals, your thoughts, your tasks."  – Brandi Bonica


“Being a part of this group has helped me become not only a better planner, but to a better follow thru person. I’m more accountable to my schedule and more in sync with my goals. I feel it has been an investment for my future self. The pandemic was a good time to focus on this work for me because I realized that I could launch a website, my candle line and make money when the world seemed to be spinning out of control once I got clear on what was possible for me. I was able to focus on my health and get control of that. I was able to focus on self care and lastly get even more clear on my goals. Porsha Calmers, FLOW365er


Instead of thinking about work (or family) as the "thing you chose," we look at four key parts of your life, and plan for balance.

Keeping all four of these pillars in mind, we create a plan, set goals and intentions, and provide support and accountability to keep moving you forward. But the difference doesn’t stop there.

As women, our energy shifts throughout the day, the month, the seasons. Instead of trying to force yourself to be productive in the same way all day, all the time, we work with your rhythms to help you create a plan that feels good and moves you forward.


We look at life one 90-day season at a time, decide what needs to happen during that season, and work together to make it happen. Most women get done in 90-days what previously took them a year — or just never got their attention!


When you are a FLOW365er, you learn and implement a new system that brings all the parts of your life together. This is coupled with high touch support and accountability to bring about real change. Here is how the support is delivered…

It’s so fun to go to get a special present just for you! You’ll find your FLOW Planners and other treats to amplify your experience.

Take a break from your life to define what you want to focus on for the next 90 days. We met on Zoom long before the pandemic, so you practice retreating from anywhere. We’ll help you prepare your space, your food and your dreams This is hands down people’s favorite part of the program.

RITUALS, PLANNING AND TEACHING SESSIONS. Planning sessions, meditations, or a holiday prep workshop. See a sample schedule here, and remember, none of this is busy work or meant to get in the way of your busy life. It is all designed specifically to help you make the changes you want to make to get to your dreams.

WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY COACHING. Each week you share the three things you will focus on for the week. At the end of the week you will let us know how that is going. When you keep talking about your actions within a group of like-minded women, magic happens. We meet on Zoom for live coaching, and have follow-up conversations on a walkie talkie app on your phone 24/7.   

We’re here for you. You will grapple with different aspects of your plan — sometimes it might be how to make dinner less stressful during a launch (or just in general), and another time you might have summer holiday stress because of a pandemic. You’ll find you’re making progress towards more ease and then stall out. We are committed to helping you get a plan of action catered to your exact needs.   

ACCESS TO THE PLANSIMPLE COURSE LIBRARY. We have lots of resources from planning sheets to online courses to help you move toward the big vision you set — and Mia will guide you to find just the resources you need to implement and move forward. This library includes conversations from over 35 experts.


“I have started many planners in the past. However, following through has been difficult for me. My problem has been determining how to fit in the priorities that encompass all areas of my life. Starting out with the retreat gives us the time and guidance to hone in on our specific goals for each of the 4 focus areas. The 90 day time period allows us to engage our energy on what is most important for that particular season. Concentrating on how we want to feel in a specific area or week helps us to dial in on what will be most beneficial. Not only do we receive a customizable planner, but also the opportunity to plan together. We are encouraged to state our intentions aloud for feedback and encouragement.” Becky Sims


FLOW365 is made up of women who dream big. Do you read all the books, take classes (or at least buy them)? Go to workshops, seminars and conferences (when there is not a global pandemic)? Do you tell yourself you are working on the business or the book or the beautiful vision … you just need to learn a little more, know a little more, get ready a little more? You’re going to do it when the time is better, when you have the money, when the kids are a little older, when…

FLOW365 is ALSO made up of women who have forgotten how to dream … but want to start again. Maybe that’s not how you think of it, but if you really look, that’s what’s happening. You’re so buried under the daily grind and your kids’ dreams, you’ve stopped thinking about YOUR possibilities — what you want or could do.

Either way, it’s easy to get stuck in the day to day, to use busy as a badge and a shield. But what if you got focused? What if you broke it down and started making the changes you want, one little bit at a time, because that’s how it happens.

We tend to be overly optimistic about what we can do in a single day… and underestimate what we can do in a year. But when we start with the big vision and figure out what we can do in the next 90 days, the next month, week, or day… we can do so much.

In FLOW 365, we start by figuring out the big picture together and then provide the system and accountability to create the feeling of balance in your life and move you into more joy, health and productivity than you might even know is possible right now.

Dream big and get it done — whether It is launching a new business or eating for more energy or becoming a better parent — work with your own flow to move toward the life you want.

There is so much going on around us right now, which means there is no better time to feel grounded and secure in your days. Accountability, at the tip of your fingers, may be exactly what you need to take control of your life.

Hear what others have said...


I’m a creator, coach, and mom of three who went from exhausted and overwhelmed to happy and energetic (most days). Now I find great joy helping other busy women find the time to make food, family and work feel balanced, fun and even healthy – with a little planning.

Over the past 11 years, I have rid myself of seasonal allergies, gotten off all medicine, lost some weight, majorly de-cluttered, and grown a business — and most importantly given myself and my family the gift of my time, energy, and love. Meeting with FLOW365ers is the thing I look forward to most these days. It is amazing what moms are capable of!!!


What if I cannot be on live calls?
Informational and coaching calls will be recorded so you can listen and work through any worksheets or processes, but the group energy and accountability are a key part of FLOW365. Planning sessions are meant for you to make time and show up to plan, and are about you doing the work. We have enough calls each week that you can choose which ones work best for you. I encourage you to make the calls a priority. They are there to help you change the habits that may not be serving you right now. Can't make a week, now worries! We will be there for you when you are ready!

What if I have a question and there is no call that day?
You can connect with Mia via Voxer for feedback or check in with the group. Voxer is a Walkie Talkie app that you can use on your phone. Basically, you have accountability 24/7.

What if I am not a planner?
You wouldn’t be the first “not a planner” to take part in FLOW 365. Many people who have resisted planning in the past found strategies that make it work AND find that planning truly does make their life easier and more in FLOW. The FLOW method is different than most systems. It’s really created with women in mind. It looks at our life holistically, so that our goals and our wins come from all parts of our lives AND we pay attention to our energy levels at different times of day or through the month or in different seasons. FLOW 365 is for people who want to be productive, but recognize that productivity can look a lot of different ways.

What if I am not an entrepreneur?
While many of the people in FLOW 365 are entrepreneurs, we have had people in traditional jobs in the group. Check out the podcast with nurse Brandi Bonica, who found she was happier in her job and at home as things shifted.

What if I am not a mom?
I’m a mom, and I work mostly with moms. We’re going to talk about kids schedules and responsibilities to our families. We also have a big group of moms becoming empty nesters and grandmoms! But do you have to be a mom for this to work? No. If the FLOW method resonates with you and you are ready to plan for and make changes, you are welcome to join. Listen to this episode of the PlanSimple podcast with a not-yet-mom FLOW365er…

What if I have bought other classes and not done the work?
I can’t make you do the work. Nobody can make you do the work, but FLOW 365 isn’t a class that you do on your own time. We build accountability into every week. We show up for each other. If having community and support are the missing pieces, FLOW 365 has the methods and worksheets and learning a class offers plus the support and accountability to help you keep moving forward. We will help you get those other classes done!!!

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