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Easeful Motherhood With Mia
“Easeful Motherhood is a practice of providing peace, so that our ‘children can become themselves.’” - Inspired by Sil Reynold’s definition of mothering

Easeful Motherhood with Mia

Motherhood wasn’t meant to be a juggling act, yet many of us moms have had “too many balls in the air” since the day our kid was born —  and then came the pandemic.

The pandemic made a few things about mothering better, and a few things way harder. 

Whether or not you experienced it as a good break or the hardest stretch of mothering yet, it changed usThis fall is different from any other fall. 

Our kids are different people after living through the past 18 months.

We are different, and maybe a bit weary.

And with all the “different,” there is a huge  opportunity to show up and support our kids, and ourselves, in a new way.

This fall, as our kids head back to school and we navigate work and home, I would love to invite you into a new way to show up in your role as mom.

This episode is a letter, an invitation, from me to you, mama — really from Sil and I to you.

The short story is that you are invited to lean into a more easeful way for 6-weeks this fall with me and the AMAZING Sil Reynolds — who I literally think is the wisest mother mentor around.

If you feel like you are always juggling…

If you are feeling depleted or frustrated in your role as mama…

If you are not sure if you are doing the mothering thing any differently than your mom, and you want to…

If you have a kid who is REALLY struggling or going through a big life change…

If you just want motherhood to be more easeful and a whole lot less stressful…

If even ONE of these things is true, then you’ll want to read more or listen in above ….

Learn more and join us for Easeful Motherhood »

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