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Motherhood wasn’t meant
to be a juggling act.

Join Mia Moran and Sil Reynolds 
to lean into a more easeful way to mother.


Dear Mama,

I see you. I’m in awe of all that you are… And, I also see how our culture has turned motherhood into a burden. Even the Oxford Dictionary thinks so. Under a very simple definition, it says “she juggles motherhood with a demanding career.” Really? Because if that is the definition, it is no wonder that motherhood feels hard!

Many of us moms have had “too many balls in the air” since the day our kid was born — then came the pandemic. 

Overnight, we became teachers that were never trained to teach, workers with constant interruption, and many of us were simultaneously surrounded by kids, family and community members in crisis. We rolled up our sleeves and we got to work, because that’s what mothers do. 

There may have been pieces of our new normal that almost seemed better — way less driving, fewer transitions, a slower calmer pace, Zoom calls with grandmas and aunties, and a clarity of what matters most. 

But there were also pieces that were really hard — being far away from loved ones, kids bouncing off walls, endless screen time, masks, no alone time, so much cooking, stressful and time-consuming grocery runs, an endless reel of hard news, money anxiety, ever changing school schedules. It was a bit different for each one of us, but it was not easy for any mom. 

And now, as the world opens back up (or not) and we release kids back into their worlds of elementary school, middle school, high school or even college, I want to offer us a new way to show up in our role of mother —one that gives us energy in even the hardest of moments.

We can change the definition of motherhood for good. After this unique time in history — that was really hard for moms in particular — there has never been a better time to reimagine motherhood.

Motherhood has been presented to us as a sacrifice we have to make.  If we choose more than one role (a mother and a professional), it becomes an impossible juggling act, as the Oxford Dictionary reminds us. 

But what if motherhood is one very essential part of our whole self that is actually meant to coexist with everything else? What if the act of fully mothering makes us better wives, workers, friends, community members? What if mothering never left us feeling depleted, and always helped us grow and become our best selves? 

What if motherhood is not something to be juggled?

12 years ago, I (Mia) leaned into Simplicity Parenting and never looked back. Because of this early commitment, motherhood has never really stressed me out because work, family and wellness were always quite balanced. I created systems and rituals that made this possible, which are what I normally teach and coach about. 

Fast forward to two teens, a tween and a pandemic. Even though I was well-prepared, I hit some of the toughest corners I have encountered as a mother. One of my children suffered from mental illness that became a full-blown health crisis. It was an emotional roller coaster, and of course, our whole family went for the ride.

I decided I was going to do whatever it took to restore our family’s well being. I learned that it wasn’t so much about fixing a problem, but rather balancing myself and listening to my intuition so that I could act from a place of pure calm and love.

This year, I found a way to show up for even the hardest moments with ease, and I want this for every mother.

Welcome to Easeful Motherhood — a practice of providing  peace, so that our “children can become themselves.”

Providing comfort and peace is not always easy for a whole host of reasons.

  • The tasks that come with motherhood are never ending and exhausting
  • Unresolved issues from childhood can show up at unexpected and inconvenient moments
  • Our current systems were never set up to support working moms

We were never meant to do motherhood alone. I think one of the biggest mistakes to the institution of motherhood was when "alone" became normal, and in some circles a badge of honor.

During the hardest days this past winter, I was very supported. I created a team of family members, friends and hired professionals who were with me each step of the way, and it made all the difference.

My #1 supporter was the amazing Sil Reynolds. Sil listened, advised, witnessed many tears, and her warm smile kept me going on days that felt really challenging.

This, in turn, meant my kids experienced the calmest, most present and loving version of me — even in the middle of a very hard and messy circumstance.   

As I stepped into easeful mothering, my daughter could find a path back to herself.

This fall, Sil and I will be leading a group of women who are ready to step into Easeful Motherhood.

  • If you feel like you are always juggling…
  • If you are feeling depleted or frustrated in your role as mama…
  • If you are not sure if you are doing the mothering thing any differently than your mom, and you want to…
  • If you have a kid who is REALLY struggling or going through a big life change…
  • If you just want motherhood to be more easeful…

If even ONE of these things is true, then you’ll want to join us for Easeful Motherhood.

Easeful motherhood is simple — but not always easy. 

Think of Sil as the wise elder. She had her soulful and easeful mothering journey and has helped thousands of mothers do the same. Now she is stepping into her role of crone, and we also get all the benefits of a sage, multi-generational perspective..

As for me… For over a decade, I’ve been helping women balance motherhood, wellness, and work to go from surviving to thriving. And now, after investing time and money into the next level of my motherhood journey the past 18 months, I’m willing to share whatever pieces of my story will be of service to you. 

We’re creating the village you never had. Come join us for six weeks to step into easeful (and joyful) motherhood.

Lots of Love,
Mia (and Sil)

You are invited into a new way of mothering — an easeful way — where juggling is not a thing.


What’s included in the Easeful Motherhood program?

Sil and Mia are gathering a loving group of mamas — who are balancing a lot of other work and life — for a 6-week journey into easeful mothering. You’ll acknowledge what’s hard in your role as mom, learn how to intuitively know what’s next, and get the support to move through it.

with Mia and Sil 
(live calls 90 minutes each)

WEEKLY TEACHINGS + JOURNALING PROMPTS will land in your inbox each week.

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SMALL GROUPS for extra support based on your kids ages and/or circumstances

Meet Sil.

Sil Reynolds is a mother and a mothering expert. She is the co-author, with her daughter Eliza, of the best-selling book Mothering and Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years. For fifteen years, the mother-daughter duo taught workshops for thousands of mothers and their preteen and teen daughters.

Sil brings over 40 years experience as a family nurse practitioner and psychotherapist to her current work as a one-on-one coach. She was a senior student of the renowned Jungian author, analyst, and elder Marion Woodman, and now continues in her teacher’s tradition as a “village” elder sharing wisdom. Sil has taught at the Esalen, Omega, and Kripalu Institutes, but the crown jewel in her resume is, of course, her now 30 year-old daughter Eliza.

Meet Mia.

Mia is a creator, coach, and mom of three who went from exhausted and overwhelmed to happy and energetic (most days). Now she finds great joy helping other busy women find the time to make food, family and work feel balanced, fun and even healthy – with a little planning.

12 years ago Mia embarked on a wellness journey — after trying everything she could think of to feel more energy. As a result of her efforts, she rid herself of seasonal allergies, got off all medicine, majorly de-cluttered her home and head, grew a vibrant coaching business, become a best-selling author (home schooling her kids for a 1-year book tour) — and most importantly gave herself and her family the gift of her time, energy, and love. Mia coaches moms all week long, because she believes when moms feel balanced, we help the world come more into balance.

You were never meant to do motherhood alone. We’re creating the village you are craving.


What exactly happens each week?
On Monday, you will get an email with the activities for the week. 80% of the activities are for you to use while you mother. The other 20% are journaling prompts, so you can process as you learn. Each Wednesday, you will have a 90 minute live coaching call with Sil and Mia.

When are the live calls and what if I cannot make them? 
The Live calls are 6 Wednesdays, starting September 15, that run from 1—2:30 EST. Every call will be recorded. I highly recommend making time to show up live. If you cannot attend, and you have a Q, you can send it in by 10am ET and we will answer it on the call.

Tell me more about the concept of "easeful" mothering?
Easeful mothering is based on the idea that the goal of a mom is to raise her children to become themselves. (This is Sil's definition of mothering.) Only issue is that it is simple, but not always easeful. This is the tools, support and village to make mothering feel easeful.

How is this different from FLOW365? Is it included in a FLOW membership? 
Easeful Mothering is a 6-week class that Sil and Mia will co-teach. Sil has been such an important piece of Mia's mothering journey that she could not resist the opportunity to create this 6-week experience. FLOW365 is a 90-day or 1-year experience for moms to find more balance with work, family, home, wellness, spirituality, and self care. It is the support to spend you time the way you say you want to. We talk about motherhood, but Easeful Motherhood is WAY MORE of a focused dive into how you want to show up in your role as mom. The two programs actually fit quite nicely together! The next cohort of FLOW365 starts August 27. AND ANYONE WHO SIGNS UP — OR IS ALREADY IN FLOW365 — will get $100 off Easeful Motherhood. (Please email us for the discount code.)

I never thought I would spend money to learn about being a mom! Any insights?
Mia and Sil both agree that "mothering work" pays off — especially in the tween and teen years. Mia, who has just invested A LOT in motherhood, says it affected all areas of her life in ways that she never imagined. The "ease" she created opened up space for all sort of other things, including closeness with her hubby, efficiency around the house, and even creativity in her business. ALSO, Mia invested in herself when a kid needed help. Her daughter had some supports too, but doing "the work" herself was the key to her daughter going from struggling to thriving. You do not need to have a struggling kid to enjoy easeful motherhood, but if you do, it could make a world of difference.

Find ease and balance in ALL the different kinds of mama moments.