Goodbye, surviving. Hello, thriving!

As the world opens back up, you may be feeling a mixture of excitement, overwhelm and even some dread. Let’s slow down and figure out what you want your life to look like in a post-pandemic world.

JULY 12 – 16, CAMP FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR YARD (or a park nearby).
A one-week, choose-your-adventure experience for moms balancing entrepreneurship, motherhood and a desire to be their healthiest and happiest selves.

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We’ve sent our kids
to camp for years.
Now it’s time for our version.

Camp is flexible. You design your days, but don’t worry, we will show you how. You could decide to have early morning or evening camp — or both—or you can hang with us all day, every day for a full week. Choose the sessions that you need or that call out to you. There will be sessions that you will practice setting boundaries, so you have time alone, and sessions you can totally involve a kid.

Camp is about taking a break and engaging in this season. Take your laptop outside or join from your phone from your yard. Take nature breaks or swim breaks (with your kids or without). 

Set yourself up to love this summer and transition into a fabulous fall. Take this time to restore yourself, to reconnect to your wellness and self-care, and to transition out of pandemic survival mode into a life filled with the things that matter to you. Camp will help you figure out what those things are — and how to fit them in.

Remember holding your breath to see what got scheduled for you on the activity board?

Now that you're all grown up, you get to choose. Each day has a theme with lots of choices. There is no prize for doing it all. Just as you might pick archery and skip canoeing at camp or go swimming instead of taking a hike, you’re going to choose what sounds interesting or fun for where you are right now. Try something you know you need. Try something just because it’s new.

Awesome, I'm In!

A sampling of camp sessions to create a
happier, healthier you …


  • Cooking Classes
  • Body Love
  • All About Hormones
  • Cravings
  • Natural Skincare 
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Meal Planning


  • Yoga
  • Chakras 101 
  • Sacred Circle
  • Breath Work 
  • Meditation
  • Decluttering
  • Journaling
  • Book Group: The Art of Self Nurturing 


  • Vision Map for Making Money
  • Two Weeks of Social Media Done so You Can Make Money on Vacation
  • Money as Self Care
  • Make Your Budget
  • Get Your Biz Money in Order
  • Create a System to Make Taxes Easier
  • Get Your Legal in Order
  • Get It Done Session


  • How to Raise Happy Humans
  • Your Intuition
  • The Journey to College 
  • Build Your Tribe
  • Geneology 101: The Women Who Came Before You
  • Your Nervous System and Mothering


  • The Art of Play
  • Oracle Cards 101
  • Astrology 101
  • Art Projects
  • Dance Party

List of amazing teachers coming soon...

Summer fun and skill-building come together in one magical week to create balance.

All that stuff that makes you a better mama and entrepreneur — and let’s face it, a happier person too — we’re going to take a deep dive into that. It’s going to be inspiring and practical and fun!

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Questions About Camp

Do I have to be there live? I’m away that week. Can I do camp another time? All of Camp is being recorded, and each day is available for free for 24 hours. We do this so that it is accessible to as many women as possible. You can upgrade to have access to classes you don’t get to, spread out the camp experience over multiple weeks, or have the tools at your finger tips all through the year.

If you are already on vacation, Camp might be just the thing to fit in some time for you! But if you're excited to be screen free, or are committed to other activities that week, you can grab the upgrade.

What will I need for Camp? You’ll need Internet access (if you can do that outside, even better). Set aside time that week to give yourself the camp experience.

There will be a few classes that may have optional supply lists. We will send you that list soon, and you may very well have the items in your home.


I’m a creator, coach, and mom of three who went from exhausted and overwhelmed to happy and energetic (most days). Now I find great joy helping other busy women find the time to make food, family and work feel balanced, fun and even healthy – with a little planning.

Over the past 11 years, I have rid myself of seasonal allergies, gotten off all medicine, lost some weight, majorly de-cluttered, and grown a business — and most importantly given myself and my family the gift of my time, energy, and love.

In order to create this life, I became a learner from many teachers. Twice a year I gather teachers and create learning experiences for the Plan Simple Community. Camp is an experience where I get to partner with my teachers, my clients, and colleagues doing great work to give you a glimpse of balance.