Your Best Year Ever!
End overwhelm, find ease, and reach your big goals in 2022...


YOUR BEST YEAR EVER IS A FREE 2-HOUR WORKSHOP for women who want to reach their dreams not only with work but also at home, in your relationships, as a mother, around food, and with your self care!

This is a hands-on workshop. We will dream, plan and learn how to follow-through in a balanced and aligned way. We will give you planning sheets and take you through the process to create your own plan. You will leave with a high-level plan for your best year and the know-how to carry that plan forward — current state of the pandemic and all.

During This Free Workshop:

You'll tap into your biggest dreams through a guided process.

You'll create a map of your year, and get some actual dates on your calendar.

You'll learn the 7 steps of the FLOW Planning Method that ensure follow-through.

About Your Host

Hi, I'm Mia Moran. I’m a creator, coach, and mom of three who went from exhausted and overwhelmed to happy and energetic (most days). Now I find great joy helping other busy women find the time to make food, family and work feel balanced, fun and even healthy – with a little planning.

Over the past 12 years, I have rid myself of seasonal allergies, gotten off all medicine, lost some weight, majorly de-cluttered, and grown a business — and most importantly given myself and my family the gift of my time, energy, and love.

On my own journey, I met people who helped me and added richness. I felt held and supported, and I want that for you too. It's amazing what a woman with a village is capable of!!!

Here's what past students are saying:

“This process has the power to move us forward to being the person we are meant to be. Who wouldn't want that?

Maggie, Entrepreneur and Mom of 4 young children

If you are serious about organizing & planning your life to include all your heart desires, in all aspects of your life. If you are ready to leave room to enjoy the little moments and not stress to much about the big ones, this is for you.

Heather, Entrepreneur and Mom of 2 middle-schoolers

I was in a place where I hadn’t had a lot of focus and I wasn’t feeling productive. … I liked, especially that the planning wasn’t just about work…. the focus across everything I found especially appealing.

Sue, Entrepreneur and Mom of 2 college-age kids

Ready to make YOUR plan?

Tuesday, January 11, 2022