Your Best Holiday Season Ever


Come MAKE A PLAN for your holiday season so that you END 2021 GROUNDED and enter 2022 with ENERGY and EASE.

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The pressure for a picture perfect holiday is real… but let’s be honest, we often feel scattered and overwhelmed.  

Do you find yourself...

  • Decorating when the sink is full of dishes
  • Endlessly scrolling to find the right gifts
  • Entertaining at the expense of your wellness

No wonder so many women end up feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, and not able to fully enjoy December. When you add in a pandemic — and a business — some of us want to hide under the covers until it’s all over.

Rethinking “Doing it all” this season

If you thought you had a long list of “to do’s” before…most of us find that it doubles during the end of the year holidays.

What we normally prioritize:

  • The burden of being the “magic maker,” creating magazine-worthy memories 
  • Navigating difficult personal or political divides during “happy” holiday moments
  • The traditions that everyone expects you to indulge in because you always have

But what if instead, we prioritized:

  • What we actually want — despite other’s expectations (including our kids')
  • What our family actually needs — no matter what the rest of the world is doing and what other people in our family think
  • Making a realistic plan and filling your "cup" first so that December is truly nourishing and joyful

Get grounded so that you can end 2021 ready for 2022

Most of us worry if we haven’t “made the most” of the closing year.  Whether it’s money, body, family, clutter, or logistics, we tend to unnecessarily judge ourselves on what we have (or have not) done.

How do you really want to feel this holiday season?

  • Fully Present?
  • Connected with yourself and others? 
  • Generous and sharing?
  • Prepared and resourced for the new year?

It’s hard to connect and stay present when we carry the judgement and the “shoulds” with us.  We’re here to support you in a new way.

This retreat is your blueprint to put the judgement down, get things done in an easeful way, and find your joy.

Said after the 2020 Holiday Experience

“Thanks for the opportunity! I think we all get so caught up in the daily grind that we forget what slowing down, breathing and refreshing our plan feels like.” — Melissa

Let’s get relaxed, resourced and ready! Come design your season...

December 3rd, 4th & 5th
LIVE Experience from 12–5 pm ET

These three afternoons have been carefully crafted to help you make your 6-week plan.

We all know that mothers make the world go around, but we need to put our oxygen masks on too.  Why should we start the new year feeling depleted when we could actually enjoy the season and feel energized for the new year with a plan?

When you sign up, you are promising yourself that you will spend three afternoons focused on you — your body, your soul, your business, your family, your relationships — all the details you have been meaning to tend to but never take the time for.... It is not "selfish." It is what your family needs from you.

Said after the 2020 Holiday Experience

“This helped a lot with clarifying how I want the holidays to feel this year. That clarity is going to make these holidays feel more peaceful and purposeful.” Stephanie

All three days will be filled with movement, mindfulness, and good food…. not to mention prizes for live participants.

The three days are not full days. Depending on your timezone, it will be morning, afternoon or evening. We are aware that most of our audience does not feel like they will have the time to do this. Please know we created it with you in mind. You will leave with your plan + the know-how to follow through with ease. You will get tools to navigate anxiety and overwhelm that might come with this time of year. You will create more of you to give to your family!


  • Learn (and apply) the secret of balance
  • Create a detailed holiday plan that includes self care, family and fun — and most importantly avoids overwhelm
  • Create a meal plan for December — check that off your list!
  • Keep an inward focus in a season that pulls you outward


  • Need some inspiration? Learn some cool ways to predict the future based on your birthday
  • Release what’s no longer working
  • Use a new methodology to get things done and actually get some things done while we are together
  • Tune into your values and vision
  • Set meaningful goals for 2022


  • Cast an unshakeable vision for the holiday season
  • Nurture the mind-body connection
  • Strategies to get along with anyone at the holiday table (without needing a glass of wine)
  • Get live hot seat coaching with Mia Moran and guests

Our December Retreats
Have Always Been Virtual

You shouldn’t have to escape your home to find peace, balance, and joy. That’s why our virtual end-of-year retreat has always been online so that you’ll learn the tools to find restoration and rejuvenation wherever you are — including being cozied up in your own home.

We have so many fun planning tools for you!

Our goal is that you have everything you need to rock these three days at every level. So we have included some really great extras:

  • PLANNING PAGES that will turn what you learn into "easeful action" this December and January
  • A 3-DAY MENU PLAN from the amazing Tess Masters for clarity, wellness and yum during our time together
  • A special event COMMUNITY CHAT (that is not Instagram or Facebook) and will take the material beyond our long weekend together and into your holiday season!

We’re Giving Away LIVE Prizes Every Day

Join us LIVE each day for the chance to win prizes that will support you in having your best December (and 2022) ever!  

  • Gift cards to Mia’s go-to stores
  • FLOW Planners and Journals
  • Boxes full of our favorite things

...and a Grand Prize that you don’t want to miss!

About Your Host

Mia Moran is a mom of three, coach, and bestselling author who makes time for wellness, motherhood and really amazing work—and shows time-strapped women how they can too.

Mia’s wellness adventure became a full-blown ride about 12 years ago during a health crisis, when she understood the power food could have on her health, her family, and her productivity. That experience led her to become a student of food, wellness, spirituality, motherhood and productivity.  

She experienced three unforeseen gifts from this journey. First, the practice of finding ease, despite balancing what looks like a full plate of work, home, and motherhood. Second, the gift of a good plan. And, third, the necessity of feeling held in community.

Mia is the host of the PlanSimple Podcast with 250+ episodes. She frequently is a guest on other podcasts and has been on all 3 major TV networks — some multiple times.

Teachers that will change the way you navigate your days.

We’ve hand picked some incredible guides to bring transformations to your mind, body, family and work during the holidays.  If you have to miss a session, you’ll have an opportunity to upgrade to access the recordings.

Mia Moran
Planning Guide

Julie Hannon
Sacred Guide

Kelly Lubeck
Nervous System Guide

Tess Masters
Food Guide

Heather Dressell
Release Guide

Megan Flatt
Focus Guide

Jenny Warner
Family Guide

Kelley Grimes
Self Nurturing Guide

Kim Marie
Journaling Guide

Gianna Diggs
Human Design Guide

Jennifer Zwiebel
Vision Guide

Vanessa Linsey
Relationship Guide

Said after the 2020 Holiday Experience

“What a great day. Thank you, Mia! I really loved this format... the care you took in coordinating everything... meditations, meals, time for walks, not to mention the amazing assortment of speakers. So well done.” Jenna

Give Yourself the Gift of a Sane December

Let’s make this your best holiday season ever — from the inside out. 

Retreat with us to relax, restore, and be supported with new tools and ideas.  This is YOUR time to make your December really matter — no matter how full your plate is with work, home and motherhood.... and have fun doing it.